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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Fuck. (Revisited.)

CEDARBURG, WI - SEPTEMBER 5:   Republican U.S ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife I guess the Sarah Palin thing worked...white women have flown in droves over to McCain, reassured by Palin's guns and anti-choice stands, while giving them safe haven where they feel less terrified of a black man. A twenty-point shift. Jesus.

I know, I'm bitter, glib, and reductive...sue me. But I have never been as disappointed in a voting constituency in my LIFE than I have been by white women this year. After fracturing the Democratic Party in a pointlessly bitter primary, they've now abandoned their own issues, their own BODIES, to support an untested and inexperienced ultra-conservative female candidate at perilous cost to the nation and their own families. It is unquestionably the most insane thing I've ever seen in American politics. It's not Country First, it's Vagina At All Costs.

Am I sexist? Fine, I'll live with being called that if it puts an end to this insanity. And I'll live with being called a sexist if white women in American will admit that they are, clearly, virulently racist. Voting for Hillary made sense. Voting for Sarah Palin does not. In any way, shape or form, it is illogical for women to vote for someone who actively works against gender equality over Obama and Biden, who have strong records of support for the rights of women.

And worse: Barack Obama seems to be floundering. It looks like his fundraising is shaky for the first time, while the Republicans are finally writing McCain some big checks. Obama's electoral advantage (which is the important thing) is slipping mightily in important states like Ohio, Montana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington state, and Colorado. Is this a temporary rise due to the convention and Palin, or a sign that those on the fence in this election have finally made a choice to lean right? Who knows.

But it's not just Palin, to be fair. Obama seems patently unable to bring any energy to the fight these days. Maybe the battle with Hillary took all he had. Maybe he's too nice (although I don't believe that meme at all). Or maybe Democrats are so afraid of criticizing Palin that they're wimping out. If women are already abandoning their own best interests, why should Biden, Obama, and others continue to tiptoe around her staggering weaknesses?

Part of it is the media, who seems hellbent on making McCain viable. I can't BELIEVE that the dozen terrifying aspects of Palin's personality -- her secessionist views, her social Nazism, her financial improprieties as governor, Bristol's pregnancy, Troopergate, guns, environmental pillaging, etc., etc., etc., etc. -- are not being adequately reported by the media as the elements they are. This is after they trumped up Reverend Wright, for pete's sake...they'll bruise Obama on things he didn't even do, but Palin gets a pass on every damn thing? I realize they love her, think she's sassy, and the male reporters want to leave their wives for her. But surely, they remember what it once was to be objective, to report news, to evenly balance their reporting?

Why do I have to find out about Palin billing the citizens of Alaska for "hotel stays" in her own home -- 312 nights in 18 months, or more than every other night -- buried in the third paragraph on a non-news site? Where are you, CNN? What the fuck, NBC? Get over your crush on the Republicans, and start doing your job.
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Blogger Ashley said...

Gabriel you are 100% correct on all of the above. I'll take you one step further- at this point it's John McCain's election to use. I believe he could win this thing with over 300 electoral votes-- it won't even be close.
Once again democrats are on defense and Obama is severely lacking in any kind of kick.

I guess that "ENOUGH" was all he had in him. Last night on Olbermann all he did was chuckle and talk in that "Presidential voice" that he adopts from time to time

The GOP has done it again and heretofore the Democrats aren't even bothering to try.

It's time to make the GOP scared again (and they still are it's just they have a winning combo that gets better everyday)

I'm way scared and so should all dems at this point because all systems point directly to another 4 years of Bush! And then great heavens we get to look forward to President Palin if not sooner!

ICK I feel so negative. I wish it were different.

9/9/08, 4:03 PM  
Blogger John T said...

Yeah, I think that Obama had this thing lost before Palin, back when he refused to pick Hillary. This was a clear indication of "Give-the-People-What-They-Want," and he didn't, and McCain took the advantage. Obama knew the ramifications of shattering the hopes of a "dream ticket" for 18 million voters, but he either didn't judge the cons of not picking Hillary judiciously enough, or he thought he could take a gamble.

It doesn't matter that Sarah Palin is Rick Santorum in better eyewear. It doesn't matter that Palin isn't Hillary Clinton, she isn't Madeline Albright, she isn't Nancy Pelosi-the fact is that McCain saw that selecting a female was the best, and possibly only, way he could win this election, and he took it. Say what you will about the man, but he's definitely playing this election to win it.

I also think that McCain's going to take this election-I hope I'm wrong, but Obama's letting every swing state go through his hands. Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, Pennsylvania...one-by-one they are all slipping through his fingers. The remarkable thing about this is that the Democratic brand is far, far more solid at the moment-look at the congressional races. Schumer and van Hollen are expanding the races that they are going to be competitive in, not decreasing them. We have very nearly locked up 5 Senate seats, and are making plays for at least 6 more. We could take as many as 15-20 House seats this cycle, more depending on a couple of primaries.

Obama needs to take a look at Bill Clinton's playbook and start hitting McCain on his worst issue-the economy. It's the economy that could save Obama. Stop talking about change, stop talking about hope, and start talking about how Middle America is going to pay for their heating this month. That's basically the only way he can trump McCain/Palin. And he better do it soon-every day after Labor Day, more swing voters make up their minds about this election, and Obama isn't gaining.

9/9/08, 11:37 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

I'm not convinced that the Hillary supporters have migrated in droves to McCain/Palin because of the vagina factor. As a member of the much-hated "Hillary Demographic" (though I was never a Hillary supporter), I can tell you that the white women who are supporting McCain/Palin are women who were never going to vote for Barack Obama anyway. The PUMAs were all Republicans to begin with, and don't let anyone kid you otherwise. Progressive women, whether they like Obama or not, know what they have to do, and while some may stay home because they got this ridiculous idea in their heads that Obama was somehow responsible for Chris Matthews' sexism, I really don't think they're going in droves for McCain/Palin.

The ones who are going over are responding to the "suburban hockey mom" meme, which is of course all the media and the McCain campaign will allow. Once again, the Democrats have refused to recognize how the Republicans play. They don't play fair and they do play for keeps. I don't know if they are stupid, or more comfortable being a minority party, or if they are just there to give us the illusion that we have a two-party system.

For the record, I don't think Hillary would be doing any better than Obama is. The attacks would be different, but it would be all Whitewater, all Rose Law Firm, all Lewinsky all the time.

My reservations about Obama were ALWAYS that I was concerned about his idea that you can "reach across the aisle" to these people. You can't. They are vicious and they take no prisoners. But to give Obama a break, don't forget that the MEDIA have been all Palin, all the time. Some of it is that the media are run by men (Rachel Maddow notwithstanding), the talking heads are straight men, and they all thing they're going to be able to fuck Sarah Palin, all of which shows that the idea women have that men think with their dicks isn't so off-base after all. Some of it is that she is a shiny new bauble and Obama is by now the tarnished old bauble. The media are easily distracted.

And the other thing is that the media are owned by giant corporations, and they want McCain. They always have. And if it had been Joe Lieberman, this would have been painted as some bipartisan "dream team."

The deck has always been stacked. The dice have always been loaded. It's only that now it's so clear as a bell that it's impossible to deny.

9/10/08, 11:18 AM  
Blogger The Slabber said...


I, too, am so pissed off and so depressed that I can hardly speak.

But please join me in the following: hold off. We may be amazed (in a good way) at what will yet happen. There's good karma in this. No matter what happens, This Is Our Time. It is incumbent on us to Keep the Faith.

9/11/08, 12:30 AM  
Blogger ZenDenizen said...

I'm utterly disappointed in the Hockey Mom demographic myself and you are not a sexist.

9/11/08, 11:06 AM  
Blogger Dr. S said...

Can I also say that the hockey mom demographic does not define all white women? I think that I'm about the farthest thing from being a hockey mom as I could get, and my vagina certainly doesn't tell me which buttons to push on Election Day.

9/11/08, 11:34 PM  
Blogger Dr. S said...

And the other, necessary part of what I mean to say is: I, too, think that this whole thing is fucking ridiculous.

9/11/08, 11:35 PM  
Blogger lylee said...

I agree with Jill. The majority of the women who are flocking to Palin's banner are NOT Hillary supporters but Republican and so-called independent women who may not have been sold on McCain but see a kindred spirit (or something) in Palin. And in all fairness to these strange people, I don't think they're thinking "Vagina First," they're thinking "There's someone who relates to me and whom I can relate to" - not all that different a reasoning from many who voted for Bush.

All I can say is none of the Hillary supporters I know, of whom I am one, relate to Palin at all or have any intention of voting for this scary, scary combo.

But there's no doubt Ms. Alaska's lit a fire under the previously uninspired Republican base and sparked at least genuine interest among a lot of undecided voters.

Don't give up on Obama, though. He's starting to get mad. And he's way too smart not to channel that energy in a productive way.

Don't despair! We can still win this thing!

9/12/08, 1:35 AM  
Blogger mattrett said...

People who think women have flocked to McCain are unwisely using one now-outdated ABC poll. Other polls have not shown this. And Obama is rebounding nationally. Over this week or so, state-by-state polls (which are just now catching up to the Republican bounce effect) should also revert to showing him doing even or better with McCain. Obama can and will still win. I would like to see tougher, factual ads; I think the lying meme has caught on. Democrats: Don't give up and start blaming each other until you actually, uh, lose! :0)

9/14/08, 3:58 PM  

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