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Friday, August 15, 2008


The Ups and Downs of Queer Television

It's disturbing to find out that a TV show I've championed for years, Design Star, seems to have kept at least one of its contestants in the closet...even though he's been out for years in his community. Yes, it's Mikey Verdugo, the hunky gay cop (and sometime porn studlet), who says that HGTV kept his sexuality purposefully quiet, despite his request to speak to the gay press. Design Star has had gay contestants in every season, but anyone who isn't the swishy, effeminate stereotype of a designer -- think Matt Locke, or David Bromstad -- aren't given too much latitude to recognize their fullest selves on camera.

Of course, when the gay gods close one closet, they open another...so I guess we should all rejoice about the news that Tyra Banks will finally allow a transgendered contestant onto America's Next Top Model. Because this is a good thing. This is progress. This is...well, this is something.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matt Locke wasn't the swishy, effiminate stereotype of a deisnger, that was Michael - the 23 year old from Texas. Matt Locke was the runner up who was also a carpenter.

8/18/08, 11:04 AM  

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