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Sunday, August 31, 2008


The Trouble With Babygate

I'd be very surprised, honestly, if the switched-pregnancy rumor about Sarah Palin turns out to be true...shocked, actually. As Andrew Sullivan suggests, there are perfectly acceptable reasons for the odd details of this story, and the McCain vetting, as quickly as it may have been done, would have caught something of this magnitude. Maybe I'm wrong, but this seems too terrible to be true.

The blogs are thrilled, of course...it's salacious, sensationalist, and (if true) hits the Republicans right in the family-values solar plexus. But it's not going to be that easy. The danger of this rumor is that if it is unfounded, it'll make Palin seem like she was attacked for being a mother. I think it's a losing issue, personally...especially when there are so many legitimate issues to criticize her on.

If the media (who I have no faith in) find something dirty here, that's another thing entirely. But until they do, I say we lay off and continue hammering her on policy and facts...which are damning enough all on their own.



Blogger Joe Reid said...

Couldn't agree more. This is far more apt to get voters rallying around Palin than anything else. Even I read that giant post on Daily Kos with the photos of her daughter and felt a twinge of "oh, that's low."

9/1/08, 9:15 AM  
Blogger joe*to*hell said...

it will get covered up - just as laura bush's drug dealing days have been

9/1/08, 10:34 AM  

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