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Monday, August 11, 2008


Things I Love (About The Olympics)

1. The Opening Ceremonies
Zhang Yimou, one of my favorite film directors of all time, outdid himself with a stunning extravaganza that embraced artistry and athleticism, technology and humanity. It was literally gasp-inducing...especially the choreography of thousands of performers in highly intricate, unusual designs. I've watched it twice (thanks, DVR gods), and it loses none of its majesty. And if the globe is sold separately, I would like to buy it and keep it in my backyard, where I can run sideways around it every single day. While wearing one of those day-glo yellow body suits that light up. Yes, I am a dork, why do you ask?

2. Matt Grevers
Yeah, there are other USA swimming superstars that I could give all my attention to (Michael Phelps, Katie Hoff, etc.). But backstroker Matt Grevers is all that and a bag of enormously broad-shouldered chips. He's big, he's blond, he's of Dutch descent, and he's got an aww-shucks grin that makes my knees wobble. In short: he's my favorite medal-contending hunk of the moment. You can take a dip in my pool anytime, Matt.

3. The Resurgent Big Brother
It's a shame there's no Olympic event for Most Improved Television Show, because if there was, Big Brother would win the gold. This summer (as opposed to the heinous version last summer, or the dull-as-dishwater winter version), it's been the perfect counterpoint to the aspirational nobility of the Olympics -- a house full of bitch-tastic egomaniacs, all of whom have absolutely no sense of personal loyalty, honesty, or hygiene. I am adoring all of them, because they all seem to be truly terrible human beings...and now that Jessie's gone (and his blustering idiocy), it's even better. Expect the fit to hit the shan very soon...especially when those who think they are "safe" (like April, Ollie, etc.) start lashing out like caged baboons.

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Blogger Joe Reid said...

Couldn't agree more about Matt Grevers. Yow. If I can't have Ian Thorpe to look at this year, Grevers will certainly do.

And I'm with you on Big Brother, too. Amazing what a back-to-basics approach can do.

8/11/08, 8:46 AM  

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