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Sunday, August 17, 2008


McCain: Now With 47% More Reprehensibility

Can anyone fact check this for me? I knew some of this about McCain, but there were some surprises too. I'd really like to know especially if the war record stuff is accurate...because if so, he's even worse than I thought. [via Towleroad]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suppose the Military Academy scores are public record and his pilot abilities have to be on some Airforce records...so these should be verifiable. The family connection issue and giving out information to the Vietmanese should be much more difficult to prove. However, the 'unfaithful' part about his wife is true. Sean Hannity excuses stating that "he wasn't the same man" when he got released so that's a good enough reason to cheat on your wife. The Keating scandle (bank scandle of the late eighties where we had to bail them out), is also true, though he was the only one who wasn't indicted.

8/18/08, 7:56 AM  

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