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Sunday, August 24, 2008


The Last (Sexy) Moment of the Olympics: Matt Micham

The Olympics have come to an end, but it's worth taking a second to note my favorite moment, which came yesterday (and which the American mainstream press is overlooking with their usual tact and grace). Matthew "Matt" Micham, the super-smokin' Australian 10m platform diver, won the gold medal over the heavily-favored Chinese with an incredibly difficult, nearly-flawless last dive.

Micham is the only openly-gay male athlete at the Olympics this year (which is not the same as the only gay male athlete, to be clear). I believe (although I can't verify this) that he is the first man to win a gold medal while open about his sexuality...Greg Louganis and others have won, of course, but came out after their Olympic careers had ended.

And did I mention Matt's unbelievably gorgeous? Regular readers know that blonds aren't my favorite flavor, but Micham is Australian...a magical, enchanted land that IMHO breeds the sexiest blokes on the planet. (And that accent!) Here he is after his win, flanked by his mom and his partner, Lachlan Fletcher.

It's dismaying that NBC refused to mention that Fletcher is gay in their extensive television coverage of the Olympics; not only because they missed this historic moment and proved (again) the pervasive homophobia in athletics, but the lost opportunity to inspire thousands of young gay people through Micham's stunning achievement. But to me, and for all of us, maybe we can get the word out: Micham's our newest gay hero. And cute as a button. See?

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Blogger Sly said...

He is adorable.

I'm not sure I'm with you about NBC being homophobic. They give us Bravo, and how gay is that?

8/26/08, 6:39 AM  
Blogger Dennis said...

This is terrific news.

Um, has anyone besides me noticed a resemblance between Mr. Micham and a certain "Lucas" of Corbin Fisher fame?

8/26/08, 10:17 AM  

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