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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Fabulousity: Duffy's "Stepping Stone"

I have too much Hillary/Obama on the brain. I can even turn this gorgeous pop song into a political meme. ;-) I do love me some Duffy, though.

In tangentially related (but not really) news: did anyone know how well McCain spoiler Bob Barr is polling? That's gotta be good news, right?

And while I'm updating old posts, Rod 2.0 has an interesting update on the Matt Micham gold medalist story from last week. As ridiculous as it is disappointing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Duffy is just to FABULOUS for words! Definitely one of my favorite albums this year next to Cyndi. She's kinda got this Brittney Murphy (who by the way also has a uniquely great voice) thingy going on, without the anorexia.

8/28/08, 10:06 AM  

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