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Monday, August 11, 2008


The Depressing State Of Things (Gay Edition)

After leading the world in early response to the AIDS crisis for the first 20 years of the epidemic -- spiritually, financially, and organizationally -- you would think that gay men would benefit to some degree for that commitment to save lives of all orientations. And yet less than 1 percent of the $669 million reported in global prevention spending targets men who have sex with men. Homophobia? Bet on it. What other explanation could there be?

Well, there is one other...a lack of vigilance by the LGBT community over the last decade. As protease inhibitors and cocktail-drug therapies saved many, we lost focus on prevention and education efforts. The result, at least from where I sit, is that every friend I've got under the age of 30 ignores safe-sex practices and thinks of AIDS as curable.

What do we do now? And does anyone care anymore?

In other depressing gay news, the PlanetOut media conglomerate -- which owns The Advocate and Out -- has been bought by the same company that owns the gay pay-tv Here! channel. The monolithic pile known as gay media continues to solidify. So much for diversity of opinion, right?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I no longer follow the whole AIDS issue as I once did, you are right in how that money is used. Globally, it's a necessity due to widespread infection rates, especially in third world countries. Locally, I wouldn't be surprised if there are stipulations in place on how local agencies are able to target various demographics. Don't even get me started on the stifling of sex education in our schools. Faith based monogamy initiatives are about all you get in most schools across the nation these days. In south Texas where I'm originally from, we have one of the highest infection and pregnancy rates in the country. You can thank the Catholic stranglehold for that. Nevertheless, stupidity exists in all areas of society, including the gay community. While there may not be the level of outreach and education there once was, there certainly is no justification for the under 30 crowd to let their guards down. In Atlanta alone, there's been a huge concern over gay men contracting hepatitis through unprotected sex. Will we ever learn? Not likely.

8/12/08, 8:50 AM  
Blogger donald3 said...

Sadly, they seem to be using condoms in India for everything but sex. Although this article is a couple of years old, I'd be surprised if things have changed.

8/15/08, 6:07 PM  

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