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Wednesday, August 27, 2008



If you were watching CNN last night, you probably saw it. Minutes after Hillary Clinton's impassioned call for unity within the Democratic Party -- gently chastising some of her supporters, who have seemingly suffered a psychotic breakdown over her loss and are hell-bent to give the election to McCain as payback -- the CNN reporters ran a live interview with a tearful African-American female delegate in her 30's. It shocked me beyond anything I've ever experienced in politics, and I've been thinking about it all day. I can't shake it.

This woman, a Clinton delegate at the Democratic National Convention, refused to hear Hillary's call to put differences aside. Her pain was excruciating, her sense of loss nearly total. She wept openly about the crushed dream of her candidate losing the primary.

And then. She went off.

Screaming and through tears, she dismissed Obama as a "straight out of Harvard" newbie who, in her view, lacks any credible experience. She repeated the Republican memes: that Obama can't connect to her, that he's inexperienced, that he's cold. She implied the nation would be no better off with Obama than with McCain. She stopped short of saying she would vote for McCain, but vowed repeatedly to stay home on Election Day and refuse to work for the Democratic candidate.

This isn't Mitt Romney, or a right-wing freak. This is a Democratic leader, declaring open rebellion and suggesting it would be better off to lose this most important of elections. (And she wasn't alone...she followed an "interview" with Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, a Clinton devotee, who paid little more than lip service to Obama while saying he "hopes to still be around" when Clinton eventually becomes President. You could hear the subtext clearly: if we make Obama lose, 2012 is hers.

Clinton, for her part, acquitted admirably...I'd have preferred a little less self-congratulation, but the woman is an icon and a legend, so maybe that was in order. Hillary clearly said, however, that the time is now to support the Democratic candidate. She was on, and she was good.

But her supporters have simply snapped the tether. They are, to use Rachel Maddow's phrase, post-rational. Their bitterness, their vicious unfounded hatred of Obama, and their inability to face reality are going to ensure McCain is the next President of the United States. To make a point, they are willing to sacrifice the Supreme Court, peace in Iraq (and Afghanistan), and their own families' economic viability. This is beyond foolish...this is madness. This is unfathomable. This makes the despicable decision to support Ralph Nader in 2000 seem well-reasoned.

America doesn't deserve Barack Obama. And thanks to (it should be noted) a minority of Hillary Clinton supporters, America will make sure it doesn't get any change at all. The path of destruction lays unimpeded before us.

Am I over the top? Overreacting? Tell that to the children of Iraq, the soldiers missing limbs, the homeless who are starving, the family whose house is in foreclosure. You tell that to the young women who will suffer the end of Roe v. Wade. You tell them that we had an opportunity to change direction, and we decided to pass. Because we were pissed that our girl didn't win, and we stayed home and stuck our heads in the sand.

I am disgusted.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imagine for a moment what the Clinton-ites would say to us if SHE'D won the nomination and we were behaving as they are. They'd tell us to get fucked.

8/27/08, 4:45 PM  
Blogger ZenDenizen said...

I am utterly disgusted myself! I can't shake the image of her crying either and had to post my take on it:


8/27/08, 5:32 PM  
Blogger xolondon said...

Don't take that woman too seriously. She is one nutty vote you or I can cancel and she does not represent a sweeping movement. This is a press story to keep the news cycle spinning.

And if that woman succeeds, I hope she has to get a back alley abortion as karma.

8/27/08, 6:32 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

You're not overreacting one bit. Every word you wrote is 100% correct.

Look, Obama isn't a progressive dream. He's the kind of cautious candidate that befits someone who is, let's face it, the Jackie Robinson of presidential politics.

I didn't see this woman, though I read about her elsewhere, I'm glad I didn't; I'd have wanted to stick an icepick in my forehead.

You know, I am a 53-year-old white suburban baby boomer woman. I'm supposed to be Hillary's core demographic. And I just don't understand this one bit. I don't understand this pathological need to see a woman in the White House. Have these women never had female bosses? Believe me, working for a woman is often worse than working for men.

As YOU know, I've been ranting again and again about how these women are willing to sell their daughters' bodies to John McCain because they can't stop their little temper tantrum. Our future is horrific thanks to these women. That much is guaranteed.

This is WORSE than the people who supported Nader in 2000. They were tired of the hackery and they couldn't fathom how bad it was going to be. Now we know how bad it can get, and there are still enough American morons, led by the corporate masters of the mainstream media, who are going to vote for their own extermination rather than allow a black man to be president.

I'm with you, my dear friend. We'll have to get together soon and cry on each other's shoulders. I seem to be doing that a lot lately; I have a friend at my soon-to-be-ex workplace who in the past two years has lost her daughter, her mother, her marriage, and now her job.

It's all enough to make me glad I'm in my 50's. I just hope it can hold together long enough for me to finish up in this God-forsaken level of reality and check out.

8/27/08, 7:26 PM  
Blogger John T said...

I'm a die-hard Hillary supporter, and I understand this woman's pain, I really do. I was devastated when she lost, and this was totally understandable-I had campaigned for her, knocked on doors, sent money, followed her campaign, and have loved her for years. I have not been this inspired by a candidate since Al Gore ran, and had to feel another huge wave of disappointment when Obama passed over her for the second spot on the ticket. I don't particularly care for Obama-I feel little to no personal connection with him, and he doesn't inspire me. The same can really be said for Joe Biden. That said, I'll be casting my vote for him, I'll tell anyone on the fence how awful it will be having President McCain, and will probably be involved in some GOTV effort for him in my state (something of a swinger). The issues are more important to me for the next four years than to hold out for my ideal candidate.

That said, I pray that Obama does something to mend this rift on Thursday-he needs to congratulate this woman for her accomplishments, and remind her supporters that the issues that made them so believe in her (health care, women's rights, etc.) are the issues that he, and only he, believe in in this election.

8/27/08, 8:08 PM  
Blogger ModFab said...

I don't mean to be rude, John, really...but is there anything that Obama could truly say on Thursday, ANYTHING, that would end this? That would change your mind? I don't think so. He's bent over backwards, said exactly what you demand above at least a dozen times in public forums. Congratulated her, honored her, respected her. He's reinstated Florida and Michigan. He's allowed her votes (votes against him) to be counted, even in public, even at the convention, even when the media ate him alive for it. He's been as generous with Hillary and her psychotic supporters as anyone I've ever seen in national politics.

And it's not enough.

Because this is a wound that Clinton supporters do not WANT to heal. They want 2012. They want Obama to be punished for this trespass. They want him to lose. They hate him, and will not be assauged.

They feel hopeless, because they KNOW in their minds they can't support McCain...and feel in their hearts that Obama is a traitor to their cause.

This is unwinnable for Barack. You can't compete against the obstinant foolishness on display.

When Barack loses in November...and I become more and more convinced that he will, despite my great hopes...I will know EXACTLY whose fault it will be. Hillary Clinton and her cadre of spoiled, infantile syncophants.

(P.S. -- I know that many Hillary supporters, including you and many at this site, are not in fact crazy and have realized that our common issues are more important that this petty B.S. I sure wish they were on CNN, instead of the crazy ones.)

8/27/08, 8:21 PM  
Blogger Esther said...

Well, I saw that woman being interviewed on CNN. Honestly, I wouldn't be too disgusted. Let's face it, CNN went for the most overly emotional person they could find to interview. She really had worked herself up into quite a crying jag. I'm sure by tomorrow night she'll calm down and warm up a bit to Obama. I can't believe she didn't feel something if she was in the hall tonight for the roll call.

I was excited when Mondale picked Ferraro, I was excited when Gore picked Lieberman. I know what it's like to be disappointed. So I understand a little bit of how her Hillary's supporters feel, even though I don't get this whole Hillary as a role model for our daughters thing.

Honestly, I don't think it's the Hillary supporters that are the biggest obstacle to Obama. I think it's the vast majority of white Americans who don't have any African-American friends, few if any black coworkers, who've never had a meaningful conversation with a person of another race.

You know, we always talk about having a national discussion on race, but it's never really happened. In the privacy of the voting booth, every white American will have a personal discussion about race. Some may decide to vote against Obama for perfectly valid nonracial reasons. But at some point, they'll still have that discussion.

8/27/08, 8:50 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

One more point I'd like to make: I have voted in every presidential election since 1976. And NOT ONCE HAVE I EVER BEEN ABLE TO CAST AN ENTHUSIASTIC VOTE. I voted for Carter in 1976 and 1980 even though I thought he was a weak candidate and I was concerned about him bringing too much religion into politics. I voted for Walter Mondale in 1984 even though he used the hackery of the party to wrest the nomination away from the upstart Gary Hart. I voted for Michael Dukakis in 1988 even though I knew he couldn't win. I voted for Bill Clinton in 1992 even though I thought he was a "grinning, glad-handing sack of shit." And I voted again for him in 1996 even though I knew that he would be hounded every minute until he left office. I voted for Al Gore in 2000 even though I was angry that he ran an inept campaign. I voted for John Kerry in 2004 even though he and Dick Gephardt joined together in Iowa that year to knock MY candidate, Howard Dean, out of the race. I was as big a Deaniac as you'll find, and when the time came, I was a good fucking soldier, BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT THE REAL WORLD IS.

I'm all for building the farm team with better Democrats, but all these Hillarions who want to take their dollies and dishes and go home and sulk and throw tantrums because they didn't get their way, I have just one thing to say. GROW THE FUCK UP. At this point all this "grief" is accomplishing nothing but turning this country over to the theocrats and the authoritarians and the warmongers and big oil. And when they have done their work of eviscerating the middle class, I don't want to hear a peep out of these morons.

8/27/08, 9:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seriously wonder if you guys are watching the same convention as I am. As a die hard Clinton supporter, I have warmed over the past three days more than I ever thought possible to Obama. I know that I am not alone.

That poor, histrionic woman interviewed is not representative of her supporters. They are the people that CNN and the other media outlets seek out to perpetuate the story that they want to tell - strife and drama within the Democratic party.

You guys are feeding into it, believing it, and giving it power. Wise up. After three days of the convention, I am fired up. Tonight, when CNN reported that Obama's campaign refused to make Bill Clinton signs for the speech because "the Obama people don't think the former President doesn't deserve it," I simply didn't believe it. Or I assume it was the comments of petty outsiders on the campaign. Neither side wants these stories to continue, mostly because they are wildly overplayed and serve no one.

Some of you are being pessimistic and bitter about this, and I honestly don't understand it. This convention is light years better than 2004, and the result of this election will be light years better than 2004.

Obama/Biden '08!

8/28/08, 12:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, it's always great to hear from 'potty-mouth' girl, I mean Jill. You definitely have a unique perspective on the issues even if I don’t necessarily agree with you 99% of time. That being said, you’re comments are dead on. Each night of the primetime speeches has gotten better and better, even if the first 2 - 3 hours could put a tweaker on meth to sleep. As for the pundits, their job is to create a story when there really isn't one. I watched some of the roll call yesterday, left and came back later in the evening for Bill and Joe. I'm actually eagerly anticipating this evening when Obama finally accepts the nomination. From what I saw on the floor (watch C-SPAN for real coverage without the over analyzing) I think this whole Hillary/Obama backlash is a bunch of nonsense. Sure, there might be a few wingnuts that are dumb enough to stay home and/or vote for McCain, but I truly believe that at the end of the day they will come back into the fold and do the right thing. After all, we want the same things and believe in the same issues. So don't buy into the spin from CNN or FOX or any of the other networks who are just trying to stir up controversy. It's not worth getting your panties all twisted up for.

8/28/08, 9:59 AM  
Blogger ModFab said...

While I'm not quite as rosy about the picture as you are, Keith, one thing we are 100% agreed on is the media's insistence in keeping the Hillary/Obama divide alive...and making it worse that it probably is in actuality. In particular, Wolf Blitzer -- who is just a disaster of a journalist -- seems driven to beat the issue into every conversation he has. It's distasteful, and not just politically. It means that journalism isn't covering the news, they are trying to instigate the news. And that's the a faint sign of creeping totalitarianism, I think.

Poor CNN. You were once such a beacon. And now you're a mess. (Anderson's still hot, tho'.)

8/28/08, 10:16 AM  
Blogger Roxie Smith Lindemann said...

Two suggestions: 1) change the channel; 2) stop overgeneralizing about Clinton supporters on the basis of a small if vocal minority. If the goal is to bring people over to your point of view, that is not the way to do it. If, on the other hand, the goal is to play the media game of entertainment through exaggeration, have at it, but I think you're better than that, Mod Fab.

8/28/08, 8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would also advocate chilling out...as someone who supported neither candidate in the primary and is now resigned to the fact that my guy was All Too Ridiculously Like Many Other Alpha Male Politicians, Even If His Wife Was Sick...it's really important to step away from the mainstream media on a regular basis, even if they are feeding you you your drug of choice, this dazzling convention.

Upset delegates are good--or at least, highly visual--TV. Happy peacemaking delegates, not so much. Can't wait for the raw feed convention, just tons of webcams pointed everywhere, sans Blitzer, sans Matthews, and yes, sans commentary.

8/28/08, 8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A-the hell-MEN!
THis woman shock me beyond belief, and the thought that she's just one vote just aint so...

I have a couple of friends who are die-hard HRC supporters. After a slighty vehemant email from them the day after her speech, I was just stunned. not to plug my own space (but to save some space here) ... I left my own thoughts on my own little corner of the web...


yeah, it has a little humor- or it wouldnt be on my page.

thanks for this discussion ModFab

8/28/08, 8:30 PM  
Blogger ModFab said...

Roxie, when I see the next poll of Clinton supporters (and you know there will be one) and whether they have actually touched base with reality, I'll be glad to dismiss this as merely a few cranks. But the last poll I saw had 1 in 5 Clinton voters choosing to vote for McCain instead of Obama. That number needs to drop by double digits for there to be no lasting damage.

8/29/08, 12:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang on - you posted a poll recently that indicated a third of gay voters were not willing to vote for Obama at that point. Even 10% of African Americans are not voting for Obama. He only has 2/3 of Hispanic voters.

I think, like me, the OVERWHELMING majority of Clinton supporters are really falling in line. We want a Democrat in the White House. This story needs to die.

8/29/08, 9:04 AM  
Blogger ModFab said...

Yes, I know why you'd like this story to die...because you don't want Hillary blamed if Barack loses. You don't want it to be noticed if 20% of Hillary voters vote for McCain and untold numbers stay home (like that CNN delegate). This is why it's different from the other groups you mention...this isn't about gay Republicans or African-Americans, this is about DEMOCRATS, who should know better. Who DO know better, but can't get past their own selves.

I'm happy to let this story die when the polls tells a different story from the one it's been telling for months. If things have truly changed. AND if on Election Day, the exit polls show a united progressive moments.

But if the damage of the primaries carries all the way to November 4th, no one should ignore it. Then, it will be a horrifying object lesson in how to destroy a country.

8/29/08, 9:59 AM  

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