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Thursday, August 14, 2008


And On That Blessed Day...

Stars and Stripes...when America will no longer have a Caucasian majority (in 2042, by the way), the lion will lie down with the lamb, peace will be given a chance, and everyone will realize that Marvin Gaye was, in the final analysis, much better than Elvis.

Okay kidding. But I've often wondered how this country might be different once its white majority becomes a minority. I've written before about the often-appalling response to Obama by white Americans, who often don't consciously see their racist attitudes; would this subtle race-baiting even be possible in a more diverse country? I wonder.

I'm also curious about the lasting effect of a racial shift on the nation...will race still be a transformative, game-changing element in society, or will it solidify into patterns from which it cannot escape? Will popular media (i.e., television, news, movies, theater, etc.) start to reflect diversity in a more accurate proportion than it does now? And will politics change, especially if the demographics of white strongholds (the South, the West) continue to increase in minority populations?

I don't know the answers to these questions...but I will be curious to find out. Only another 34 years to go!



Blogger Esther said...

This is a really interesting question.

What I fear is that American society will become even more polarized, more segregated by neighborhoods, communities, schools, workplaces. How many of those areas are truly integrated today, even in racially and ethnically diverse areas?

I think part of the often-appalling response to Obama is that many white people simply don't interact with African-Americans on an equal footing on a daily basis - as friends, neighbors, colleagues. We simply don't listen to each other as much as we should.

8/17/08, 10:39 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

I can tell you this much -- it ain't gonna be purty. We're already seeing how much racism there is among people who claim not to be racist just by having Barack Obama as a presidential candidate. On Saturday I had to listen to a friend tell someone that both men running for president "will destroy this country." And yet when I confront her on her racism, she insists she's not a racist. That's where the "Muslim" meme is so treacherous -- it gives these people a way out.

It's enough to make me happy to be 53...by the time things get that ugly, I'll be either dead or senile in a nursing home. No, wait...I can't afford long-term care insurance. So I'll probably be dead after having been on the street for a few years.

8/18/08, 7:25 AM  

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