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Friday, July 25, 2008


Title of [Cheaper] Show

So you've heard all the theatre bloggers loving the new Broadway musical [Title of Show], and you're dying to go see it...but you still haven't gotten tickets because, damnit, shows are so expensive these days.

Never fear, fair reader...Modern Fabulousity is your knight in shining armor, come to rescue you from the clutches of the greedy producers leeching on the Great White Way! Go to this site (or call 212-947-8844) and mention code TOSTC1...and suddenly, those $101.50 tickets will be magically transformed into $46.50! It's better than half price; now, you can suddenly ask that cute guy at the gym out on an (affordable) date! Woo hoo! Save money, see a musical, AND get laid, yeah!

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