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Friday, July 25, 2008


Summer Jam Contenders of 2008: Antigone, Colton Ford, Jay Brannan

A lot of the gay music blogs have been a-twitter recently about Antigone (well, everyone except dear Fizzypop, who doesn't share the thrill). I adore her, though; she reminds me of Calvin Harris' buzz-and-bleeps glee with a stronger instinct for shaking it at the disco. I haven't written about her before, because her singles have been hard to get in the States to this point. Her new single, "More Man Than Man," is still missing from iTunes, but out at many international online stores. It's total summer cheese, but boy, it's fantastic cheese. [Worrapolava]

Another contender for summer dance ditty of the year is Colton Ford's "Tug of War." I don't know what's hotter...the thumping beat (reminiscent of Madonna's "Give It To Me") or the ex-porn star's hot daddy body. He's like George Michael, if George had aged better. [Electroqueer]

And this made me giggle this morning, so I'm adding it. Ladies and Gentlemen: and Jay Brannan and Margaret Cho, on praising tumescence and all things phallic.

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