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Friday, July 11, 2008


The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions: Broadway Edition

So I'm walking to an appointment yesterday near my office in midtown, and turn onto Broadway...where I am confronted by half the street being blocked off and repainted. I asked the always well-informed hubbie, Mr. ModFab, if he knew what was going on, but he didn't. Why was Broadway, one of the busiest, most frenetic streets in the entire universe, being turned into a 2-lane street?

And then, I read this.

Look, I'm all for reducing cars in midtown, encouraging people to walk, ride bikes, help the environment, etc. But this seems to be the right idea in a VERY wrong location. All this will do -- as anyone who spends time near Times Square regularly will tell you -- is turn the rush-hour, pre-theater traffic jam into a war zone, with cars from Jersey and Connecticut (who can't walk or ride a bike) piling up into a state of impassable gridlock. And then you want people to eat at sidewalk cafes, next to the fumes and honking automobiles?

Right idea. Bad execution. Times Square should be a fun, happy place for tourists and theater goers...not an infuriating mass of backed-up traffic. (And the fact that Bloomberg's doing this without telling the public is evidence that he recognizes the problem anyway...and is trying to pull a fast one.)

Another thing: where the hell is the Macy's Parade going to go in November? Over to Bloomingdale's, on the East Side? Out to the Target, in Brooklyn? IKEA?

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Blogger T$ said...

I totally agree - Times Square doesn't need any more clogging. The city's also done this to lower 9th avenue...which, despite being light on traffic, is now approaching clogsville.


7/13/08, 3:46 PM  

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