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Friday, July 11, 2008


Queer Eye For The (Not-So-Famous) Guy

Carson Kressley gets a talk show. It'll be on Lifetime next season, the network "for women" which is apparently trying to become gayer than Bravo. (They've also got Project Runway 6 and The Golden Girls...and it don't get any gayer than that, folks.)

Kressley, in what can only be an attempt at career seppuku, will not interview celebrities on his new show. Instead, he'll interview non-famous people who know celebrities: Tom Cruise's fifth grade math teacher, Madonna's hairstylist, Queen Latifah's bitter ex-girlfriends. (I made that last one up. Everyone knows that Latifah is completely and totally straight. Totally. 100 percent. Straight. A complete man lover. Loves men. Totally. Absolutely.)

Will this show be interesting enough to watch? Or is this Graham Norton: Part Two without the interesting parts? Tell me your two cents in the comments.

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Blogger Jill said...

It sounds utterly ghastly. But then, my new favorite TV gay guy is Mark Brunetz on "Clean House". I mean, how many really good decorators (and he really does nice work) used to appear on Jane Fonda videos? (My favorite real-life gay guy is still you, dear! =mwah!=)

7/11/08, 7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When did I miss the memo that Carson is culturally relevant.

I mean really?

He's like Paris Hilton with a dick. Just more cloying.

7/13/08, 5:21 AM  

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