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Monday, July 07, 2008


Filling In The Details For [Title Of Show]

Mr. ModFab and I attended the second preview of [Title of Show] yesterday at the Lyceum, and damn...I'd forgotten. Sure, the cast album is an adorable reminder of the 2006 production, with a score highlighted by its two instant classics, "Die Vampire Die" and "Nine People's Favorite Thing." But seeing the show again after so long, I was struck by how sharply drawn the script's observations are, how relaxed the acting is, and how downright subversive its ideas arevabout the practice of theatre-making.

I've often raved about this musical; in fact, Modern Fabulousity named it the Best Theatrical Production of 2006...suck it, History Boys!) But in the new Broadway incarnation, there's a wealth of new material, including new songs and scenes catching up on experiences to the present day. And boy, are they fascinating...there's a dark undercurrent to them that gives the show some unexpected weight in its final twenty minutes.

However, [Title of Show] hasn't gone all dark on us...it remains a buoyant, self-reflexive gem for show queens: the inside jokes, the sassy gay witticisms, and the been-there struggles of being a creative person in an uncreative world. Jeff, Hunter, Heidi and Susan are incredibly talented performers, and it's sheer bliss to sit with them on a Sunday afternoon and hear this fanciful, partly-biographical tale. I hope that we'll see them come Tony Awards time next year...it'll be tough with Billy Elliot and Shrek to contend with, but Jesus...a show like [TOS] doesn't come around every day. Or year. Or decade.

So this is the beginning of my campaign to get EVERY SINGLE ONE of you to see it. I've already decided to see it three more times this month, because I've got friends who simply must see it. If you're planning to go and want to meet a humble blogger for coffee before, let me know. A show this fragile and unusual will need help to become a hit. Won't you do your part? Say yes, damnit!

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Blogger kenny said...

Here here!!!! I saw the show's first preview and it was amazing. The show...the support and love of the audience. It was like watching "David" slay the corporate "Goliath" that has sadly become Broadway. I'll be back in August to see it a few more times and would love to meet for coffee! Love your blog and love and agree with this posting 100%!

7/7/08, 7:55 PM  
Blogger Joseph Gomez said...

ill be in nyc aug 11-14 and plan on seeing it!! i cant wait!!!

7/9/08, 10:20 AM  

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