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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Winners: George Michael Tickets and DVDs

Congratulations to the five winners of our George Michael: 25 giveaway. Each entry had to answer the eternal lyric "What's your definition of dirty, baby?" from George's landmark single "I Want Your Sex." Here are the winners, and their answers to the question of dirty, dirty, dirty dirtiness:

DVD Prize Winners
Martha G. - "Dirty: kissing my dog. Dirtier: my husband and me kissing my dog. Dirtiest: my husband and me kissing my dog while a germaphobe watches."
Robert B. - "Dirty is when a rugged lorry driver on Hampstead Heath gets to s.....wing George on a branch."
Dennis F. - "Dirty is extra chocolate sauce. And no spoon, get my drift."
Pat - "Simon le Bon. YUMmmmm."

Grand Prize Winner - Two tickets to George Michael: 25 concert and DVD
Veronica St-Pierre: (Mind you, this has to be in a Barry White voice..okay, here it goes!) "Waking me up before you go-go" "Outside" cause I don't want you "Too Funky" but I still have "Faith" you could give me some "Fast Love" so I can keep "Spinning the Wheel" and then "Carelessly Whisper" in your ear "Everything She Wants" (Big Sigh or Moan hehe) and keep you "Feeling Good," so damn good, baby, that you "Freekin" "Shoot the Dog!" Dayuuuuuuum Babay!!!!!!

Congrats to everyone, and enjoy the show, Veronica!

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