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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Tony Award Party, Already In Progress

[tony2008cover.jpg]I'm off to my Tony Awards viewing party, where the New Yorkers too lazy to dress up and actually attend the ceremony will instead gather for wine, bitching, and cheese (on and off screen). I'm going to a new party this year, hosted by some old friends; I'm attending with my classical-singer partner and my stage-manager sister, which is even better.

I'm feeling a bit at odds, though...the Tonys have a tendency to do that to me. At heart, I'm a downtown, Off-Off, experimental theatre guy who just happens to, by twist of fate, work primarily with Broadway shows. I'm a theatre kid who simultaneously loves Anne Bogart AND Jerry Herman, the Wooster Group AND Tommy Tune. When I see shows at Lincoln Center, I often daydream about how I'd much prefer to be at the Ohio Theater instead. And at the Ohio, I do the reverse. It was ever thus.

So as I go to wallow in this ultimately frivolous, creatively deadening, wildly fabulous evening of old-school theatrical glamor, I feel a kinship for the Off-Broadway kids (Passing Strange, win it! In The Heights, show 'em who's boss!) who bridged the divide and somehow made art thrive in the world of commerce. I'm cheering for the underdogs in performance categories (A Catered Affair) and the regional phenomenons (August: Osage County). And probably, at some point, I'll be wishing I was at the Ohio instead.

And on Monday morning, I'll wake up, go to work, and resolve to do two things. One: make better, more complex, more challenging art downtown. And two: love Patti LuPone more than I already do. It was ever thus.

I'll report in sometime in the afternoon. Tragedy, tomorrow...comedy, tonight.

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