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Saturday, June 14, 2008


ModFab: The CellPhone Fabulousity

If you, like me, are totally addicted to Jott -- the free service that allows you to call a toll-free number and leave messages (for yourself or others) that are then sent as e-mails -- you may want to know about the new button in our left-hand sidebar. Jott has added a free new service that will read ModFab's latest posts to you, on your cell phone! It's 21st century life, as Sam Sparro would say.

I tend to use Jott as a mental reminder when I'm away from a computer...I leave myself a message, and BAM -- there's an email when I next check. But I'd also love to HEAR blogs on my morning commute, so if you're a blogger, think about adding the link. Again, it's free.

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Blogger Barry Rowell said...

Oh, man: I have seriously been looking for a service like this! My old cell phone had a notepad/message feature and this one doesn't. How many times, when I'm walking down the street, do I want to send myself a note but can't and don't want to to stop, pull out my glasses and my PDA to try to do it. I've already signed up. Thanks, ModFab!

6/15/08, 9:11 AM  

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