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Friday, May 23, 2008


What I've Been Doing Since My Self-Imposed, Semi-Retired Pullback

How amazing was So You Think You Can Dance last night? The pop 'n' lockers were unbelievable! As poor as most reality shows have been this season, Dance shows every indication of being at an all-time high. I am hooked again, already.

Other fascinating stuff I saw recently:

Boeing-Boeing: A Broadway comedy, sure, but this old chestnut is really an actor's showcase, led by the remarkable comic performance by Mark Rylance, one of the best actors in the world at the moment. The play is, well, a bit of crap. The direction is competent but obvious, and the set design is clean and beautiful and dreadfully boring. But boy, those actors are rocking it.

Indiana Jones and the Complete Domination of Summer: eeehhh, it's alright, I guess. To be fair, Indiana was never one of my obsessions. I enjoyed the mindlessness of it, the quick pace and the easily-sketched characters. But had I been in a more critically-aware mood, I doubt I'd have been as forgiving. (And as summer blockbusters go, I still vastly prefer Iron Man and Prince Caspian.)

Present Tense: my show opens tonight at the Brick's Tiny Theatre Festival. Want Free Tix? Well, it seems that the festival is giving free tickets to blog reviewers, so if you've got a blog and want to come see the evening (six short pieces, very varied) and review it, email the Brick and request press/critic comps. Some bloggers are already coming, it seems.

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