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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Three Unrelated Bits O' Television Goodness

BIT ONE: Before there was Galactica, there was...Caprica. Well, kind of. The prequel to the hit series, scheduled to film a backdoor 2-hour pilot soon, is revealing some serious casting power with its leading men. Not too shabby.

BIT TWO: If I could have hot sweaty mansex with a TV channel, it would definitely be HBO. Why? Because of stuff like this: their upcoming series, Hung, is about "a former basketball coach with a large penis." Insert your own dribble, basket, or shoot-the-hoop joke here.

BIT THREE: David Archuleta's overbearing stage dad gets sidelined on American Idol. Expect David to now follow his own artistic heart tonight, by singing the greatest hits of the Sex Pistols.



Blogger will g said...

When I first read about Hung, I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn't April l. Seriously, the end of civilization is near.

5/13/08, 2:42 PM  

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