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Friday, May 09, 2008


Morning Politics: Mostly McCain's Mistakes Edition

McCain Girding For Battle With Obama (Reuters)
As if he's been golfing and playing cards up until this point...

Fembot Cindy McCain Says She'll Never Release Her Tax Returns, Never, Never, Never (AP)
Because only Democrats need to be honest and transparent about their obscene, dubiously-gained wealth...

Hillary Clinton's Inexcusable Bigotry (Daniel Drezner)
An interesting take on her "white Americans" crap from yesterday...

McCain Accuses Obama Of Playing The "Age Card" (HuffPo)
But only after McCain played the "You're Secretly An Islamic Terrorist" Card...

Edwards Still Won't Endorse (NYT)
Guess he loved Kucinich way more than any of us realized...

Obama Passes Clinton In Superdelegate Count (HuffoPo)
Writing, wall...it's on.

McCain Did Not Vote For Bush in 2000 (Washington Post)
Sources say they did spend one passionately romantic evening at a hunting lodge in Nevada, however...



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