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Thursday, May 01, 2008


Au Revoir, Idol: Brooke White

Well well well. If American Idol blew it last week in historical proportions when evicting Carly Smithson, they eked back to some form of respectability last night in booting the overrated Brooke White from the show. I'm not ready to see this, however, as a victory for widely-assumed evictee Syesha Mercado, but more as a savvy audience manipulation by Simon Cowell.

In his parting comments last night, Simon blatantly vocalized what millions of us were thinking: that Syesha was in serious trouble. But think about how that played to her fans...it was essentially a call to arms, or at least a call to dial and save her from destiny. This is a trend, if you (like me) think about how Jason Castro managed to save himself during Lloyd Webber Week. When the judges clue in viewers about who's in danger, it's a psychological signal which, roughly translated, means: get to dialing, people. Save Your Favorite.

What does this mean for the Final Four? I think Syesha's still on the bubble, and I think it solidifies a showdown between the Davids in the finale. But underdogs everywhere take heart...Simon is pretending otherwise, but he's pulling for you.

The Final Sendoff: Brooke White, "Let It Be"
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Blogger gabrieloak said...

I don't think Brooke was overrated, she just had to sing of lot of covers of songs she would never usually sing. It's really strange that Syesha is still there.

5/1/08, 12:31 AM  
Blogger lylee said...

Finally, a boot that actually makes sense. Brooke's a sweetheart and not without talent, but let's face it, she's a poor man's Carly Simon, and the stress of the competition had worn her to a thread. It was good to see her relaxed and actually happy-looking tonight, even if she dissolved into waterworks by the end.

I'm beginning to like Syesha a little bit. As a person, I mean; I've always liked her voice. But David Cook FTW!

5/1/08, 4:35 AM  
Blogger PoliVamp said...

I agree, never would have predicted Syesha to be the last girl standing (I thought Carly, Brooke, and Amanda would all outlast her).

Personally, when I think of overrated, I think of Archuleta.

Also: Syesha was in the pimp spot, which is historically the safest spot to be.

Next week shall be fun.

5/1/08, 5:31 AM  
Blogger Keith said...

I think Syesha's helped for next week by the fact that she's the only woman left in the field; I'm expecting Jason Castro to (finally) be sent home. But y'know, it wouldn't shock me to see Li'l Archie get the boot.

5/1/08, 9:22 PM  

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