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Saturday, April 26, 2008


The State Of Summer Blockbusters

The summer movie season begins in earnest this weekend, and it's not a moment too soon. Of all the summer blockbusters, I'm geeking most on

6) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (May 22)
5) The Dark Knight (July 18)
4) Sex and the City: The Movie (May 30)
3) Hancock (July 2)
2) Prince Caspian (with a rocking new trailer, May 16)
1) Iron Man (May 2)

The Good News: May is going to rock.
The Bad News: The rest of the summer I should mostly read.



Blogger will g said...

Listen, reading is the GOOD news.

Did the Narnia movie steal the subway portal idea from Harry Potter, or did she get her train-station portal from the earlier novels? And Hancock looks funny but CGI looks cheap IMO.

4/26/08, 5:17 PM  

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