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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Stage Addiction: Missing My Cue And Waiting For Stuff To Happen

As I spent most of yesterday (10 hours in total, including delays and extended layovers in the ATL) flying back across the country (after a fabulous new play festival in New Mexico), there will be no column today. Sorry, time slips away. And, it's not like the Drama Desks were interesting enough to discuss. Plus, I'm seeing Glory Days next weekend, so I'll have a report on it for you soon. Until then, perhaps you might use the comments to make a Tony "For Your Consideration" pitch for your favorite Best Actor or Actress. The nominations are coming up fast, so it's time to make the case. (And Tony voters DO read this column, I know for a fact.)

Here's my pitch, to get you started: Stew is the best actor who's not acting...search for the REAL, baby! Passing Strange is better than Broadway deserves. And ignore the snotty NYT review and make up your own mind about A Catered Affair, which is dense and sophisticated. It goes over most audience members' heads...so don't let it go over yours.

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Blogger will g said...

Brantley did seem particularly dyspeptic in that review, one of those "It's not that it's bad, I just didn't care for it" deals. But if a Broadway musical "goes over most audience members' heads" as you say, I think it might have some conceptual flaws. I doubt if they were trying for obscurity.

4/29/08, 10:01 AM  
Blogger Vance said...

First off, anybody in Passing Strange deserves a nom. so no matter who they leave off, there's going to be a snub. LOVED IT! (I really didn't think I would). Daniel Breaker is a STAR (I'm already assuming Stew has it in the bag (for a nom)). Everything, Kevin Adams lights, the direction, the choreography, the superb cast. It felt THEATRICAL which is funny considering it's almost concert like.

Really enjoyed In The Heights too. Sentimental yes. Cliches. Yes. Who cares. The choreography was great! It was joyous and thrilling, both modern and old fashioned. In fact, I loved it. Guilty pleasure? Maybe, though I don't feel that guilty for loving it! I'm assuming Karen Olivo and Lin-Manuel Miranda already have noms but here's to Robin de Jesus for a featured actor.

Laura Benanti is mesmerizing in Gypsy.

I loved Daniel Evans in Sunday in the Park. I'm already assuming the whole set/projection has it in the bag as well, but I actually thought it was even more cool in the 2nd act.

I know most people are hating on Glory Days now but at least based on the DC performance, Andrew C. Call's performance is beyond the cliche and worth a look.

Still, I hope people don't forget Cheyenne Jackson and Kerry Butler (and Mary Testa and Jackie Hoffman) in Xanadu. Fabulous!

If there has to be one nomination for Young Frankenstein, my vote goes to Fitzgerald.

4/29/08, 9:07 PM  

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