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Saturday, April 05, 2008


Like Starbuck, I Will Soon Return From The Void

But in the meantime, while I battle the Cylons inside my computer, here are some quick discussion points:

1) Dear God, Battlestar Galactica is the greatest show in the history of shows. Chilling, brutal, emotional, and above all...mesmerizing. Why can't Katee Sackhoff get an Emmy nomination, people? Every time I think I can guess where this show is ultimately headed, it changes gears. Or more to the point...it changes the game entirely.

2) Barack is inching up in Pennsylvania. He won't win, but if he even gets close (in a state packed with white voters who refuse to vote for a black person) it will be a major achievement.

3) Boy, that South Pacific review today was something else, wasn't it? Nearly identical, in effusive praise, to that Gypsy review last week. What this means, kids, is simple...in the Best Revival category, we got ourselves a mighty fine horse race!

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Blogger will g said...

Go commandeer a friend's computer immediately. We miss you.

4/5/08, 6:05 AM  

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