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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Idol Gave Back (And I'm Exhausted)

I watched all seventeen and a half hours of American Idol's Idol Gives Back fundraiser last night (trust me, that's how long it was in crappy-TV time). And after the totally moving "Many Rivers To Cross" by Annie Lennox, the WTF collaboration between Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson and Fergie (!!!), and the Idol wannabes butchering "Seasons of Love" from Rent (making the melody sound, at times, like a strangled pig attempting a Mozart aria), I am completely spent. Posting will resume tomorrow, after I've recovered. Although, to be fair, I may never be able to get Jimmy Kimmel's creepy fascination with Simon Cowell's peppermill-sized nipples out of my head.

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Blogger Lulu B. said...

I am so GREAT BIG HUGE glad that I went out with my gays last night instead of watching Idol Gives Back. If I heard the Idolettes slaughtering "Seasons of Love" or witnessed Jimmy Kimmel ogling Simon's nips, I think I'd be in the psych ward or behind bars by now. Anyway, thanks for letting us know what we missed! Lulu B.


4/10/08, 1:52 PM  
Blogger lylee said...

Much of the show was a slog (I'd never have made it through the whole thing w/o friend's DVR), but Annie Lennox was effin' incredible. Now THAT is how you connect with a song!

"Seasons of Love" was indeed awful, and someone's mike was turned up too high. The other group numbers I thought were better, but there were definitely sound mixing/engineering issues going on.

4/10/08, 3:31 PM  

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