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Sunday, March 02, 2008


Writing On The SNL Wall

Last week, Saturday Night Live did a skit about the media's bias towards Obama and their tough treatment of Hillary...which Hillary used all week in stump speeches. Perfectly fine, maybe even fair. Then last night, SNL's leadoff skit was a near-repeat with the exact same setup...except this time Obama was an idiot who couldn't answer a question without prompting. AND THEN Hillary herself showed up, in a "self-effacing" skit with references to next Tuesday's primary states. AND THEN Robert Smigel did a cartoon with a Machiavellian Obama conspiring to get Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton out of view, so he can be the only black leader. (Yes, it's as racist as it sounds.)

Guess we know which side NBC is on in the election, huh? Over at 30 Rock, they're not going to let the junior senator from New York go down. And this to the negative reports on Obama in the nation's newspapers this week, and it looks like, after weeks of high-profile kvetching, Clinton's media narrative is finally sticking...the media's getting much tougher on Obama, and lightening up on her. Too late? Desperate? Or just more bullshit that distracts us from the real foe, McCain? Discuss.



Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

As I was watching, I wondered if I was the only one who thought it was appalling. It was one of SNL's worst moments (and we all know how many absolutely awful ones they've had through the years, don't we?!).

3/2/08, 1:30 PM  
Blogger JA said...

I actually didn't read the Obama cartoon as him wanting to be the only black leader in sight - just that he didn't want to be linked with Jackson and Sharpton, which honestly I wouldn't blame him. The cartoon's main problem to my eyes was that it just wasn't funny.

3/3/08, 9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly, I thought the first SNL debate was hysterical; not to mention the dead-on Weekend Update with Tina Fey. However, I thought this weekend's Debate skit, was overreaching and the Funhouse cartoon racist and insulting. Having said that, the coverage of the campaign by the media, has been very slanted in favor of Obama. The LA Times, New York Times, Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, CNN, Fox, MSNBC etc. have ALL displayed extreme bias in their editorizlizing disquised as reporting. Despite the fact he hasn't sat down with any of the major News outlets for serious Q&A, they continually give him a pass. It's my hope that Hillary carries on through June. Give 'em HELL Hill!

3/3/08, 10:31 AM  

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