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Monday, March 31, 2008


Monday Manscan

BO : On The Road Again
ManWatch : Luke Crawford
Norway Underwear Lovers : Summer Dream
Paris City Boy : Beau Black
The Pretty Boys Club : A Credit
Simple Answers To Complex Questions : Cheyenne Jackson
So Slowly : Bath Time
Stylize This : Bryan Thomas
The Daily Slab : firmsexflesh
Troy : 5.1

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Blogger The Slabber said...

I am always very grateful to you for the shoutout at ManScan. You are just plain the best! (with fab taste in men!) And what a great blog is ModFab. . . . I hope you always know that you have big, devoted fans even when we are not necessarily vocal (textual?) about it. Thanks.

4/1/08, 1:03 AM  
Blogger will g said...

If the "Dr.Evil" pose is the newest thing in modeling, I'm all for it.

4/2/08, 7:53 AM  

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