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Saturday, March 01, 2008


ModMusic: GoldFrapp's Seventh Tree

It may be a little early to call Goldfrapp's latest record, Seventh Tree, the most surprising album of 2008...but come December, I'm guessing I won't be far off. Trading in their signature club-friendly electro for a genteel, atmospheric vibe that echoes early-70's pop, the British duo has dramatically altered the elements that made them a global phenomenon. Whether their fans follow them to these particular strawberry fields is anyone's guess.

But hopefully, they will. Quality songwriting remains the foundation upon which Goldfrapp stacks its synth-heavy tracks, and even in this quieter, simpler incarnation, the willowy melodies still manage to charm the pants off the listener. Singer Alison Goldfrapp has one of the more intriguing voices in modern pop, and it fits snugly into the lush bed of strings, acoustic guitars and synths, especially on the meditative "Road To Somewhere" and the chipper "Happiness". Even better are the moments when Seventh Tree lets its luxurious hair down, as it does in "Cologne Cerrone Houdini," a sexy vamp that wouldn't be out of place on the next James Bond soundtrack. I can't think of any artists except Beck, Radiohead and Bjork who have surprised me more with a new album...and that's some fine company to be keeping.

"A&E", Goldfrapp
"Ooh La La", Goldfrapp
"Ride A White Horse", Goldfrapp
Download (For One Week): "Happiness", Goldfrapp
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Blogger joe*to*hell said...

supernature was stellar - i lived for it. but this is a brillllllliant record.

cologne cerrone houdini is my favorite song of the year so far

its just a gorgeous record. except the ashley olsen photo

3/1/08, 12:02 AM  
Blogger Raj said...

I'm still soaking the gorgeousness of this album in...I was in such a state last night that it was nice to fall onto the bed and listen to this masterpiece...woke up refreshed!

3/1/08, 9:48 AM  
Blogger Cal said...

I've been contemplating buying 7th Tree since I heard A & E. A beautiful record. I just listened to "Happiness" and liked it. I could definitely imagine soaking in the bath with a glass of red wine listening to this album.

3/1/08, 3:42 PM  
Blogger Yaseen Ali said...

Agreed. I've had the album since November (I don't know the details behind the leak), and had the same reaction upon my first listen. So *not* what I was expecting.

I'll be honest - Supernature and Black Cherry still get a lot more play on my iPod, but a few of the new tracks are fast becoming favorites. Aside from "Cologne Cerrone Houdini", which you already mentioned, "A&E" and "Monster Love" are just mesmerizing. The whole record goes down like a cup of hot chocolate.

3/1/08, 5:13 PM  

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