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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Idol, Au Revoir: Chikezie

If there was a major surprise in American Idol's bottom three last night, it was probably Jason Castro, the doe-eyed, dred-locked heartthrob who sends teenage hearts aflutter. He was never in any real danger, and it probably says more about the disparity of the other bottom-rung contestants, Chikezie and Syesha Mercado, in vote support from the viewing audience. (I'd bet dollars to donuts the gap between Castro and them was enormous.) Leaving aside the probably-not-coincidental fact that they are the remaining African-American contestants, neither Syesha nor Chikezie have tracked especially well in the competition...and their erratic performances haven't helped.

Still, between the two of them, it was clear that Syesha had a better night on Tuesday. And in the end, talent won out...Chikezie has left us, and taken his cornball interpretations with him. Another one bites the dust. I can't say it's a very big loss, although I liked the guy personally. This is a show that has, truthfully, about two true contenders for the crown...and he isn't one of them. (Guess which two.)

The Final Sendoff: Chikezie's "All The Woman I Need"
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Blogger lylee said...

Yeah, Chikezie's departure wasn't a big surprise or, truthfully, a big blow (though I have to say he's a far better singer than Jason Castro, and has done better lately than Ramiele). But I'm glad someone else shared my discomfort at seeing the two African American candidates in the bottom 2. Brings up too many unpleasant memories of the time Fantasia, Latoya, and JHud were all in the bottom 3.

3/27/08, 2:27 AM  

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