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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Super Tuesday: It's Time For (Most Of) You To Decide

Today, 24 states -- holding the vast majority of the U.S. population -- are going to the polls to vote in their primaries or caucuses. It's exciting, refreshing even, to see Americans choosing their next leader with such energy, diligence and seriousness...especially since we didn't seem to be minding the store last time. Or the time before that one. Better late than never.

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I was an early supporter of Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. I remain an advocate for his leadership, and encourage undecided voters among you to give him another look. He's handled himself with a great deal of dignity in the face of unprecedented media baiting and formidable competition. His presumed weaknesses -- a lack of experience and vague policy positions -- are easily refuted by five minutes of Googling. He is a talented, capable, and thoughtful leader who sees through the corruption of the Washington machine. His positions on the war, the environment, and the economy are sound and fully formed. He is, in short, the best all-around candidate in this race.

I think Hillary Clinton is a marvelous choice as well. While I prefer Obama's opposition to global military intervention, support for lower income families, and his fiscal restraint, I'm also a fan of Clinton's health care ideals and her seasoned approach to education. She's a fine choice...Obama is just a bit better, in my view.

The Republicans, on the other hand, have wreaked havoc and disaster upon this nation; there is no defensible reason to vote for any of them. As Janeane Garofalo has so wisely observed, in 2008, voting Republican is a character flaw. John McCain is a war-hungry hawk who will institute American control of Iraq until your grandchildren are senior citizens. Mitt Romney is a well-documented liar with an addiction to triangulation. Huckabee? Well, he refuses to believe in science and evolution; apparently, Jesus rode a dinosaur into Jerusalem. Ron Paul would like gays to leave the country, as soon as possible. Line forms to the left.

Don't be fooled....the pundits would have you believe that there are lots of choices today at the ballot booth. But for people of intellect and integrity, who want to restore the United States to a place of pride in the global community, there are really only two. And of those, only one can shift the paradigm of Washington and move us quickly toward peace, prosperity, and health. I urge you to consider, and vote, for Senator Barack Obama.

Thanks for listening.

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Blogger jason said...

Will do.


2/5/08, 7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't take Ron Paul seriously, simply because every time I hear his name I think of when ShantyTown saw one of his campaign stickers and thought it said RuPaul for President. Now it's all i can think of.

2/6/08, 1:03 PM  

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