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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Stage Addiction: Waiting For Spring Is Really Difficult

Although there's a lot of shows in rehearsal at the moment, Broadway is pretty much dead these days from a news perspective. So I'm going to put the column on a mini-hiatus until mid-March or so, when things begin heating up again. Until then, here are headlines that might interest you:

- First, a plug: Barry Rowell, the incredibly imaginative co-director of the incredibly creative Peculiar Works Project, has dipped his toe into the blog pool: A Strange Interlude includes his ruminations, bad jokes, news, and lots of unique theatre content. For instance, he's hopping a plane to Spain, and plans to blog all his theatrical adventures in Madrid. Welcome to the theatroblogsphere!

- What will happen to Cat on a Hot Tin Roof when Terrence Howard temporarily leaves to shoot his movie in April? It'll soldier on, with a hunky, gorgeous, studly replacement: Boris Kodjoe, former star of Showtime's Soul Food. Damn, now I have to see it twice.

- Tapeworthy books tickets for Hamlet in London, and most brilliant brings us photos and footage of Never Forget: The Take That Musical, based on the British boy band. If you're wondering (like most of America) who Take That was, think of them as a Backstreet Boys clone from the 90's who launched Robbie Williams into global irrelevancy.

- Looks like downtown hit New Jerusalem may possibly beat out [Title of Show] for the empty Circle in the Square on 50th Street. I wouldn't bet the farm on it yet, though.

- Steve On Broadway shares the news that August: Osage County is moving...next door, to the Music Box Theatre for an extended run. He's also got a rundown of the shows that will be coming to Broadway in 2008-2009.

- The new Rhett Butler? Darius Danesh. Yep. You heard me.

- What's Good/What Blows shows us the future of Lincoln Center. Me, I'd just like adequate leg room in the Vivian Beaumont.

- Bored at work? Please, go waste your afternoon or morning with Everything I Know I Learned From Musicals, who has uncovered some truly remarkable gems on You Tube.

- At the New York Times, the British farce Boeing Boeing confirms for the Longacre, and details New York Theatre Workshop's new musical series for experimental works.

- Sunday in the Park with George has extended again; it will now stay at Studio 54 past the Tony Awards. (Which means there's a big, new, fat block of tickets available. Go grab 'em!) And still in previews, I hear there's not a lot of competition (yet) for the $26.50 lottery tickets offered each day at In The Heights. Grab it while you can...early word is the improvements to the show are great, and it was already pretty wonderful last year Off-Broadway.

- And finally...how friggin' cool is this? Here's the official poster for the upcoming Broadway revival of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, starring her royal highness (and recent Oscar nominee) Laura Linney. This is now, officially, ModFab's most anticipated show of the spring. It can't come soon enough.

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Blogger Paul said...

no way! Darius Danesh as Rhett Butler?! Did the world just spin off it's axel?! That's bizarre! Yikes.

2/26/08, 3:11 AM  
Blogger Barry said...

re: LLD poster... ummmm, I think I might go see that. But I'd be afraid that I'd be surrounded by a lot of men in raincoats who've come alone to the theater (pun intended). Whoa!

Thanks for the plug, my friend--you are far too kind...

2/26/08, 11:25 AM  
Blogger Vance said...

Darius Danesh? hahaha... except. I actually kinda love him. He's one of my faves that came out of the Idol cannon.

Oh man, I'm falling behind on my New York shows. So many shows. So little time!

(Oh, and thanks for the props! Take That rocks! (hahahaha))

2/27/08, 7:45 AM  
Blogger Billy D said...

LLD is definitely my most anticipated as well. The boyfriend has been getting worried that Linney will be sick on the day we go, but I have faith. Wouldn't it be fun if Glenn Close were playing Valmont? mmm, I can dream.

2/27/08, 2:32 PM  

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