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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Stage Addiction: My Powers of Clairvoyance Are Astounding

- This week, the rest of the theatre world played catch-up to ModFab...I spread rumors, while everyone else waits around for them become a fact. (Yes, that makes me a little slutty as a journalist, but I'm fine with that.) So the rest of the world now knows what you, regular readers, already know: that Sutton Foster will be Princess Fiona, that The Farnsworth Invention is closing, and that its probably replacement at the Music Box will be Farragut North...albeit without its buzzed-about film stars, Leo DiCaprio or Jake Gyllenhaal. It won't even have its Hollywood director, Mike Nichols, who is across town this spring directing The Country Girl. Instead, it'll be directed by Tony winner Doug Hughes (Doubt)...no slouch.

- Children, all I can say about crazy-ass Randy Quaid is...wow. That is some deeply disturbed shit.

- I don't know which of the just-announced shows for this summer's Shakespeare in the Park is more tantalizing: Hamlet with Michael Stuhlbarg (The Pillowman, Studio 60), or Hair with Jonathan Groff (Spring Awakening). In ModFab's opinion, Stuhlbarg is the best stage actor in New York; in Shakespeare's greatest male role, he's bound to be breathtaking. Groff is a rising young star, and if anyone can make Hair relevant, he can. It all begins May 27th.

- Note to London: yes, Hairspray is a good show...but it isn't THAT good. Sweet Jesus.

- Stephen Adly Guirgis' latest, Little Flower of East Orange, has made it onto ModFab's Spring Must-See List, now that the legendary Ellen Burstyn (Requiem For A Dream) is joining the cast. Directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman and co-starring some of my favorite character actors, including the husband-and-wife team of David Zayas and Lisa Colon-Zayas, it begins March 18th.

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Blogger Vance said...

Oh good, I thought I was the only one that seemed to miss the hubub over Hairspray (which incidentally, I loved the movie version far more than the stage, which rarely happens).

So how long will I have to line up to see Hair at the Park this summer? I'm getting my camping gear ready to battle it out with the other Groff fans.

2/12/08, 12:57 AM  
Blogger Esther said...

I'm very excited about Jonathan Groff in Hair. I loved Spring Awakening. Even though Hair's plot (what there is of one) is outdated, I love the music. And watching a play in Central Park on a summer evening just seems like such a classic New York City thing to do.

Interesting that Sutton Foster decided not to sign up for another stint with Young Frankenstein. I'm not excited at all about Shrek.

And I do love Hairspray - the music, the way it relates an important subject in American history in a very engaging way.

2/12/08, 9:29 AM  
Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

This may make me seem like a Luddite, but I've never seen Shrek, let alone parts 2 or 3. I'm with Esther. This doesn't excite me at all.

And as for Sutton, how does she manage to flit from one show to the next, anyway? And did you ever catch her un-made-up appearances on "Flight of the Conchords"? All these projects help explain why she's quite often a no-show for each production she's starring in at any given time.

2/13/08, 9:11 PM  

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