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Thursday, February 07, 2008


Romney Quits

And he's a little bitter about it. Does this mean McCain's the guy? Or do all Mitt's supporters decide to band with the Huckabee nuts?



Blogger FleshPresser said...

Yes, McCain's it at this point. It's almost mathematically impossible for Huckabee to win enough delegates to win.

This, of course, is why it's SO important to nominate Obama - because McCain is going to draw a LOT of independent voters, and Clinton simply doesn't have that draw, while Obama absolutely does.

2/7/08, 2:37 PM  
Blogger The Slabber said...

I would like to say a firm Good Riddance to Romney the reprehensible, greasy, opportunistic, sublimely hypocritical whore. But this slimeball plans to stick around and fight another day. I find it amazing that anyone -- including the brain-dead, ditto-head, right-wing jackals -- could ever vote for this guy. But, at any rate, if it is going to be McCain for the Gay Old Poofs, then it had better be Obama for Democrats, because McCain will indeed defeat a Billary ticket -- absolutely no doubt about that. And McCain will simply be a third term for George Bush.

2/7/08, 11:28 PM  

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