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Friday, February 08, 2008


Project Runway Finalists at Bryant Park

The five Project Runway 4 finalists Chris, Christian, Jillian, Rami and Sweet P showed their collections at Bryant Park today, in advance of the final episodes of the season. Jillian had the most cohesive collection in my opinion, with some beautiful pieces; still, much of it reeked of hipster chic, which bores me. Most improved had to go to Chris, who tamped down his tendency for theatrical costume with a 1920's-Berlin like feel (still a little costumey, but hey, it's also quite wearable). No, if anyone went the costume-influence route, it was of all people Christian, whose undeniably gorgeous but overly-meticulous outfits struck me almost as caricature, like something Greta Garbo would wear if she had been a star in the 80's. I expected to see a lot of elegant twisty draping in Rami's collection, but he surprised me; sadly, what he did offer looked very obvious and mundane to me. Sweet P's strike me as the weakest of the bunch in construction, but I like her color scheme and a few of the outfits are breathtaking.

Your thoughts? I think it's Jillian, Chris and Christian as the top 3, with Jillian (sadly) edging out the more talented contestants.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

After looking at all the collections, I have to say Jillian should win this hands down with Chris in a close 2nd. Christian...oh god, what was up with all the goth and black? And the outfits? Sweet P did ok, using wonderful color palettes, but she's always been hit or miss, this collection is no different. Rami, doesn't look like he can drape his way out of this one. Frankly, next to Christian, his was the worst, definitely boring.

2/8/08, 6:54 PM  

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