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Thursday, February 07, 2008


Waterboarding in America

Over at Modern Fabulousity Unlimited, I linked to an article today quoting the White House press office, where they are now arguing the unthinkable -- that waterboarding, an extreme, inhuman and brutal act of torture, is perfectly legal and just fine to perpetrate. And with that, Bush finishes the transformation of the United States from the land where freedom and liberty were intrinsic, into a craven nation willing to abuse people, deny humanity, and torture. We have, at last, become the monster we used to combat. We are the tormentors. We are the enemy of civilization. We are the ones using terror for our own political ends...and that, my friends, makes us terrorists, in the clearest definition of the word.

I am tearing up as I write this. It hurts me deeply to say these words and recognize their truth. I am soulfully sad at our nation's sorry, desperate state; we have, in the last eight years, lost our integrity and our goodness. Or rather, our leaders have, but the American people are complicit, because we are not demanding those leaders adhere to our values. We are abdicating our responsibility as citizens of the world, and we will pay a heavy price for that.

THIS is why I am voting for Barack Obama. Not for any other reason. Because I need America to change direction in a fundamental, serious, and substantial way. America is broken, and it will take someone very, very different to fix it. If even he can.

I found the video below at Wilson Cruz's blog (love you Wilson!). It is by Lawrence Lessig, a professor of Law at Stanford Law School and founder of its Center for Internet and Society. I realize it's a bit long, but I implore you to watch it...it is without a doubt the BEST analysis of the presidential race I've seen anywhere. It talks about the qualities defining leadership, and decimates the false "experience vs. inspiration" media theme. It is EXACTLY what our nation needs to hear right now: cogent, sensible, moral, intelligent reasoning.

Before it's too late.

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Blogger JB said...


That was the best 20 minutes I have spent in a long time. I am sending this to everyone I know.

2/7/08, 10:40 AM  

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