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Thursday, February 21, 2008


Oscar-ology: The ModFab Live Party

This Sunday's Oscars will be many things: a celebration of great performances, a parade of bad hairstyles, and a flowing waterfall of tragic dresses (if we're lucky). But there's another reason to feel joyous about this year's extravaganza, and that's because Modern Fabulousity will host a live chat right here on our homepage. No live-blogging for us...we're bringing your favorite bloggers and friends together to dissect the red carpet, predict the winners, and wittily critique the acceptance speeches, all from the comfort of your own couch! We'll start up at 7:30pm, so make a note to attend the blogosphere's most debonair Oscar soiree!

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Blogger Aethlos said...

oh that's a very cool idea.

2/21/08, 4:59 AM  
Blogger T$ said...

word - I'll try to swing by.

2/21/08, 10:31 AM  
Blogger StinkyLulu said...

oh good.

2/21/08, 6:54 PM  

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