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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Obama Hearts The Gays (In Texas and Ohio)

First scooped over at Towleroad, here's the new Obama LGBT-specific ad running in Ohio and Texas. Clinton and McCain supporters, of course, will attack the quote as empty speechifying...which is getting a little tired, as criticisms go. When a candidate who has little to gain and everything to lose by publicly supporting gay issues (in Texas!) puts his money where his mouth is, I think it's important that we all respect it, regardles of who we're voting for. Principles still matter.



Blogger David Hudson said...

Nice rainbow "O", too. Obama's people have a terrific sense of design - on top of all the rest.

2/28/08, 4:54 AM  
Blogger NATHANIEL R said...

while i COMPLETELY agree with your notion that the effort should be respected rather than attacked for any emptiness i think even Obama supporters need to really think about how quickly they dismiss the 'empty speechifying' criticism in general.

just because a criticism is frequent doesn't mean it isn't valid.

I've wanted to really get behind him but what's always held me back is this very thing.

i feel like the republicans will be vicious (easy to predict ;) ) and i'm worried that the tide will turn against him since the media is fickle and right now he can do no wrong in their eyes. what happens if the media decides not to fawn on him endlessly? i fear it will get ugly if the media suddenly doesn't think of him as the new American god.

ARGH I hate the media. Can't we just have them discuss issues and plans and leave all this mythologizing out of it. It's shameful how biased they are. They can't look at Hilary without hissing and they can't look at Obama without fawning and it's so frustrating.

we need to really think about what BOTH candidates are talking about in order to make these decisions.

2/28/08, 7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"When a candidate who has little to gain and everything to lose by publicly supporting gay issues in Texas!"

Yesterday I heard a little blurb on Fox (of all places) that there "may" be some backdoor negotiating on a double ticket. Now you show me this, and I'm starting to think there may be some validity to this story. I only say this, because by running an ad that will clearly get the attention of the Republicans, (and let's face it a large section of the Democrats) could very well turn some voters off. Homosexuality is a very divisive issue in the African American and Hispanic communities; two very large demographics that are required to win Texas. I'm only speculating, but could this be to intentionally turn the tide in Hillary's favor?

Regardless, it does make me proud that equal rights for Gays & Lesbians has been brought to the forefront for the first time (that I can ever remember) in a political race. I truly believe that there will come a day, where we can share the same rights and benefits that others take for granted. Whether it be marriage, property, taxes, adoption, or workplace issues, these are inherent rights that should have equal access for all.


2/28/08, 8:22 AM  
Blogger JB said...

Well said Mr. ModFab.

2/28/08, 10:25 AM  

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