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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


ModFab Presents: Blackwell and Hart

Exactly two weeks from tonight, one of the most exciting and entertaining projects I've ever worked on is premiering...and I really, really, REALLY hope you will join me for it! It's Dennis Blackwell and Jason Hart: In Concert, an evening of superb songs at the renowned NYC cabaret The Metropolitan Room. It also happens to be my personal cabaret debut...I'm directing the entire show, and I've got some special surprises that I guarantee will be worth the trip!

Dennis, of course, is an award-winning singer who performs frequently at New York City Opera, across the city, and tours frequently up and down the Eastern Seaboard; he also happens, not incidentally, to be married to me. (He's the handsome mug on the left. Yes, I love dimples.) With our amazingly talented friends, pianist Jason Hart (on the right) and writer/assistant director Kay Mitchell, we are debuting a tantalizing set of songs exploring the balance between truth and fiction. There are two sides to every great story, and the songwriters we've chosen -- including Cole Porter, Elvis Costello, Billy Joel, George Gershwin, Stephen Sondheim and many more – reveal unexpected things about life, romance, and luxury using equal measures of humor and heartbreak.

This concert means a very great deal to me...I'm extremely proud of it and its out-there sensibility. Tickets are priced cheaply ($15) so that it's easy for our friends to attend, and The Metropolitan Room is a beautiful venue to hear music in (swanky!). Perfect for bringing a date, hint hint!

I don't ask a lot of my readers usually...but I'm really asking, seriously, for you to come. We're playing two performances only, because we hope to tour it nationally and this is our test run...so I could really use your feedback and opinions. (C'mon, don't pretend like you don't have opinions...you're a ModFabber, fer crying out loud.) Many of you I've met at other events, but there are still many I haven't. So this is a perfect opportunity to get to know all of the ModFab Crew (a pretty great bunch, if you ask me). I promise you'll have an absolute ball.

Reservations do not require a credit card, just your name: call 212-206-0440 and save your seats now, because space is limited for each of the performances. And let me know which day you're coming...I want to make sure to say hi!

And a note to bloggers...please help us spread the word! Links and plugs are very much appreciated; this ain't The Little Mermaid, and we ain't got Disney ad budgets.

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Blogger Paul said...

How exciting. I wish i could be there :( Anyway hope everything goes well - i'm sure it will!

2/27/08, 1:49 AM  

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