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Friday, January 25, 2008


Rant Alert: The Wolf Is At The Door

I know this is a fun, happy blog, but you'll need to pardon me for a moment while I lose my shit over today's unbelievable news. Paul Wolfowitz, the disgraced former head of the World Bank and, most notoriously, the architect of the Bush Administration's argument for the Iraq War, has returned to the White House's team as Chairman of the International Security Advisory Board.

This is, to me, unthinkable. Why? Because the man should be in jail, not overseeing American security, even in an advisory capacity. Remember those weapons of mass destruction Iraq supposedly had? They were his idea. Remember when he famously suggested the war would cost no more than $95 million, tops? It's now $500 BILLION. And counting. Wolfowitz is morally bankrupt and an idiot to boot; he's done more to damage America at home and abroad than any other living person, with the possible exception of the President and Vice-President. Even Bush should know better.

2009 can't get here fast enough. Kick these sick bastards out on their ass.

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Blogger DBK said...

As pointed out at a different web log, it must be comforting to have the teat of wingnut welfare always there for you.

1/25/08, 2:50 PM  
Blogger xolondon said...

I used to work under him (ha ha, eww) years ago, though it was layers beneath, so I only had a conversation with him once. The funny thing is that he is thought of as a really nice guy who is a lousy manager. But "nice" does not equate to wise or empathetic or anything else...

I totally agree with you about his hand in world chaos, which is ashame because he is far more educated than most of those guys. He has a very myopic view of the world. I think he's more in the school of "Make [country x] a parking lot." And if he says he is not - which he would - his policies do not reflect that.

1/27/08, 5:44 AM  

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