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Monday, January 14, 2008


Oscar-ology: Golden Globes Reactions

You can be forgiven for not watching the Golden Globes last night; it was simply god-awful. The artificial man-bots from Extra, Access Hollywood, and other mindless drivel read nominees off teleprompters while the real movie stars went DOA, thanks to their support of the WGA strike. (Side note: I realize a lot of the awards sites were royally pissed that there was no party last night, but ModFab is glad of it. The writers deserve to be paid for their work...if you want your parties back, place the blame where it belongs, on the craven studios.)

But amidst the dreary presentation, there was some important news. My thoughts after the rundown:

Best Motion Picture (Drama) : Atonement
Best Motion Picture (Musical Or Comedy) : Sweeney Todd
Best Foreign-Language Film : The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Best Animated Feature Film : Ratatouille
Best Director : Julian Schnabel, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Best Actor (Drama) : Daniel Day Lewis, There Will Be Blood
Best Actor (Musical or Comedy) : Johnny Depp, Sweeney Todd
Best Actress (Drama) : Julie Christie, Away From Her
Best Actress (Musical or Comedy) : Marion Cotillard, La vie en Rose
Best Supporting Actor : Javier Bardem, No Country For Old Men
Best Supporting Actress : Cate Blanchett, I’m Not There
Best Screenplay : Ethan Coen, No Country For Old Men
Best Original Score : Atonement
Best Original Song : “Guaranteed,” Into the Wild

It seems the Hollywood Foreign Press was in the mood to knock a few kings down; frontrunners suffered generally, with No Country For Old Men (losing Best Picture and Director) and Juno (losing Picture and Comedy Actress) taking the biggest hits. The biggest beneficiaries of the Globes' contrarian attitude were Atonement and Sweeney Todd, two films which had seen their Oscar chances dissipating of late. Their wins tonight at least help Atonement climb back into the nominees' circle; it'll be a harder climb for Sweeney, but Johnny Depp has a strong shot at a nomination now.

My big thrill? The surprising showing for The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. While I'm not sure Schnabel's direction this year surpassed the work of the Coens or P.T. Anderson, it was certainly their equal, and I'm hoping this means he'll receive a much deserved nomination.

The big question has to be: with the Globes ceremony being so completely unwatchable, will they still carry significant weight with Oscar voters? I think they'll suffer next to the Screen Actors Guild Awards, which have exerted serious prophecy on the acting categories in recent years and will occur this year with their full contingent of starry festivities. (It's nice to be a sister union, huh?) We're not ready to predict upsets yet...and we're certainly hoping the Globes will be more fun next year.

Oh, more surprises among the TV winners:

Best Series (Drama) : Mad Men (AMC)
Best Series (Comedy) : Extras (HBO)
Best Actress (Drama) : Glenn Close, Damages (FX)
Best Actress (Comedy) : Tina Fey, 30 Rock (NBC)
Best Actor (Drama) : Jon Hamm, Mad Men (AMC)
Best Actor (Comedy) : David Duchovny, Californication (Showtime)
Best Miniseries or Movie : Longford (HBO)
Best Actress, Miniseries or Movie : Queen Latifah, Life Support (HBO)
Best Actor, Miniseries of Movie : Jim Broadbent, Longford (HBO)
Best Supporting Actress: Samantha Morton, Longford (HBO)
Best Supporting Actor: Jeremy Piven, Entourage (HBO)

Yeah, you read that right -- Tina Fey is the lone (and lonely) winner from a network show, PERIOD. To me, this was the news story of the night...the complete rejection of network television in favor of basic cable and pay-tv networks. The Globes generally like to crown new shows at their awards...except that everyone expected their love to go for Pushing Daisies, not the (infinitely superior, BTW) Mad Men.

Personally, I'm thrilled that Glenn Close was honored for Damages, which I also (eventually) fell in love with; perhaps it will help its chances for renewal, whenever the writers' strike ends. And I guess I need to see Longford too, huh?

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Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

I was shocked! Shocked I tell you that "Atonement" won best picture. C'mon. What a complete piece of dreck.

But I am interested, now, in catching "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" based more on what you've had to say than the Golden Globes.

1/14/08, 12:50 AM  
Blogger ZenDenizen said...

If Willy Wonka got a nod from the Academy, there's nothing stopping Sweeney :)

1/14/08, 10:18 AM  
Blogger will g said...

You must have missed the recent announcement that Damages was, incredibly enough, being picked up for TWO count 'em TWO more seasons. Sometimes people actually make good decisions.

1/14/08, 1:41 PM  
Blogger Rural Juror said...

I was ecstatic about tina fey

1/14/08, 4:02 PM  

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