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Saturday, January 19, 2008


ModMusic: Tigercity

One of the reasons I adore XO's Middle Eight so completely -- and really, if you're not reading it, you should be -- is that I've never, ever been disappointed by their new music suggestions. Impeccable taste. Still, they've outdone themselves by turning me on to Tigercity; XO posted about the band earlier this week, I immediately downloaded the band's debut EP, Pretend Not To Love, from iTunes...and haven't been able to stop listening to it since.

I'm a bit ashamed about it, too...I'm woefully late to the Tigercity party (they've already been all over the blogosphere, and a small underground rag called Rolling Stone picked them as their "new favorite band" last year), and plus, they're based in my backyard -- Brooklyn, to be precise. But better late than never, I say. Tigercity is perfect for a kid from the 80's like me, with their seductively catchy mix of sounds that recall Prince, Prefab Sprout, Roxy Music, New Order, Talking Heads, Scritti Politti, David Bowie and Steely Dan. Singer Bill Gillim has a killer falsetto that's a dead ringer for Bryan Ferry, and the funky-pop rhythm section is as solid as any indie combo today. It takes more than one song to get their vibe, but if you settle in, you'll become an obsessed nut pretty quickly. Pretend Not To Love is already a contender for my best-of-2008 (but actually-released-in-2007) list.

Watch Some Videos:
"Other Girls (Live at the Mercury Lounge)", Tigercity
"Are You Sensation (Live at the Mercury Lounge)", Tigercity
Download (For One Week):
"Are You Sensation", Tigercity
"Red Lips", Tigercity (via MySpace)
Visit: Official Site, Elbo.ws, MySpace, iTunes
Then Buy: Pretend Not To Love, Tigercity

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Blogger ZenDenizen said...

Excellent! I miss Bryan Ferry...

1/19/08, 12:49 PM  
Blogger xolondon said...

Thanks for the link and love! You equally rock my world...

It'll be interesting to see if Tigercity pulls together a full-length CD to please you, me and their other VIP fan Tracey Thorn.

1/20/08, 6:38 AM  

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