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Monday, January 07, 2008


The ModFab Caucus

How about a trip back in time? Last March, I polled ModFab readers on who they were supporting for President. At that time -- almost exactly 10 months ago -- this is how it shook out:

Hillary Clinton - 51.3% Barack Obama - 24.4% John Edwards - 12.6% A Republican Who Is Not John McCain - 3.4% A Republic Who Is John McCain - 2.5% Dennis Kucinich - 1.7% Biden, Dodd, Richardson, Vilsack - 4.4%

Have you changed your mind since then, or are you still with your original candidate? Here's the 2008 update on the ModFab Poll. Enjoy!

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Blogger joe*to*hell said...

i am so concerned - so concerned - that modfab has an actual respondent for mike fuckabee.


1/8/08, 9:53 AM  

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