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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


The Modern Fabulousity Endorsement: Part II

Experience counts. So why am I not voting for these old, gray-headed white men (and one Latino governor) who have buckets of experience? Read on...

WHY I'M NOT VOTING FOR: Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, or Bill Richardson
There are legitimate arguments to be made for the three most-experienced Democrats in the race. Biden, who has been Delaware's senior senator for the last 35 years, is a foreign relations expert with extensive global connections. Dodd has been a Senator from Connecticut almost as long (and was in the House before that), and has maverick positions on many issues. Richardson, the only governor in the Democratic race, was previously the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and the Secretary of Energy in the Clinton Administration. These are smart men, excellent leaders and capable candidates.

So why are they all bunched up in the back of the Democratic pack? Part of it, I think, is their public personas have the glossy, untrustworthy sheen of career politicians. Their inability to gain traction in this campaign has made them shoot their mouths off in unfortunate ways, taking potshots at Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (who Biden noxiously described as "clean") that have the net effect of making them seem mean, crazy, and self-obsessed. The trio are also tight-assed and so poll-responsive, it's hard to discern how they might actually govern the country.

But most important is this: they can't win. The political reality at this point is that they are too far behind...and their fundraising and ground organizations in the primary states aren't developed enough to allow them to catch up. And Modern Fabulousity wants to vote for someone who can legitimate win the primary and the election. This is also, sadly, a reason...

WHY I'M NOT VOTING FOR: Dennis Kucinich

Ahhh. Kucinich. I love him so much. He's a dork, he's a nerd, but he's MY kind of nerd. He's a passionate, unapologetic progressive thinker, who eschews political popularity in favor of holding to the moral ground he's based his life on as an Ohio congressman. Looking at his voting record and policy ideas, I can't find one place where I disagree with him. (And the fact that he admits to seeing a UFO only makes him more adorable in my eyes...when I was 7 years old, I think I saw one too, although I admit it was probably an airplane.)

But he is so far to the left -- and so unapologetic for it -- that he is simply an unacceptable choice to the majority of Americans. A world under a President Kucinich sounds like paradise to me, but it terrifies centrists and conservatives. And I don't believe that he has the charisma or the power of personality to convince those opposed to his ideas to put their trust in him. He can't win...it's a shame, but he can't. (Still love him, though.)

Tomorrow: The ModFab Endorsement: Clinton, Edwards or Obama?
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