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Friday, January 11, 2008


Listen Up: Raheem DeVaughn

Modern Fabulousity readers are the best music critics in the world, are they not? So take a listen to "Woman," the Grammy-nominated single from Raheem DeVaughn, whose CD Look Behind The Melody is out on Tuesday. DeVaughn's particular brand of retro-soul often gets him compared to greats like Marvin Gaye, and he certainly shares the master's keen ear for pop grooves. Vote in our Listen Up Poll below, and then give us your full thoughts in the comments.
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Blogger psyther said...

Not really what I usually listen to musically, but it is good. He does have a good flow and the production's clean. My only complaint is it doesn't seem to push any boundaries (please correct me if I'm wrong or just ignorant). This song could have been released by Marvin Gaye as a contemporary...so why's it so great now. I feel like we've been here before...good place, but not so fresh.

1/12/08, 1:17 AM  

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