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Monday, January 28, 2008


Get Some Fab: Carolyn Eufrasio at The Bitter End

New York City sometimes seems to be bursting at the seams with unsung talent -- many of whom should, by all rights, be household names. One of my favorite underrated New Yorkers is Carolyn Urfrasio, who has one of the most amazing live voices I've ever heard. Equally adept at rock, gospel, dance and soul, she's a powerhouse that leaves me slackjawed every time she sings. (She's also a vocalist with local pop outfit Shimmerplanet, who is equally worthy of checking out on MySpace and iTunes...my favorite of theirs, "On My List", features Carolyn on vocals.)

Carolyn's performing tomorrow (Tuesday) at iconic Village club The Bitter End as part of the national Chick Singer Night; if you're around, I suggest you make plans to join me and Carolyn's growing fan base there. And to any record exec who might be reading this: sign her right this second. Grab her before someone else does.

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