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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Blood in the (Blog) Water

There's an interesting mini-battle brewing over in the comments at Queering The Apparatus, where their post about the media's totally-lopsided bashing of Hillary Clinton led to his pounding on Obama....which didn't sit well with me, as you can probably guess. Check it out, and join in the conversation. (And for the record, I think the media is behaving shamefully...trying to reduce these talented, complex, and valuable people to a "change vs. experience" sound byte is ridiculous and demeaning.)

Tonight is New Hampshire; although Obama will probably win, it's never a sure thing...and reading reports today, the race is going to get a lot nastier from here on. (Hillary's not giving up, she's got plenty of money, and she's going to get mean.) Maybe she should take heart that in the ModFab President's Poll, she's running neck-and-neck!

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Blogger DBK said...

The media is doing a horrible job and hasn't bothered even a little bit to concern itself with something like an issue or policy position. There were a bunch of debates, but the only things the media could say about them were "Clinton got angry" (she didn't...she got annoyed, and rightfully so). They're a lazy bunch of worthless shits in my estimation.

1/8/08, 2:13 PM  

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