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Sunday, December 09, 2007


The Ten Questions Meme

Time for another meme, sent to me by David A. from Winnipeg. As always, send your memes to me, and I'll do 'em eventually. I'm such a meme whore.

1. When you were born, how much did you weigh?
9 lbs. 4 oz. I was 3 weeks late, and turned around backward. Emergency caesarean in the late 60's; the doctor gave my mother and I a 10% chance to live, and wouldn't you know we beat the odds.

2. What's you're sugar poison?
All things pastry. I am especially weak for a well-made donut. And a hot, homemade chocolate cookie right out of the oven? I will shoot small children for a taste.

3. If you had to choose between meat and cheese for the rest of your life, which would you choose? Then be specific.
I think it has to be cheese. I love meat, but I cannot spend the rest of my life without brie and gouda. Mmmmm, gouda.

4. What, is your opinion, is the worst song ever?
It's a tie, and they both send me into a murderous, uncontrollable rage when they appear on the radio: "Hotel California" by The Eagles, and "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffett. Ugh, disgusting.

5. Who was your favorite teacher growing up and why?
I had a bunch, but my high school AP History teacher, Mr. Dennis Bosquet, made the story of America seem like a really soapy episode of Dynasty. He kept his classes enraputured from start to finish, hanging on every word. I also had some wonderful mentors in college, who I'm thankful to have to this day: Dr. Shirlene Holmes and Juanita Rockwell.

6. What personal activity, when performed in public, bothers you the most?
Standing in the middle of the sidewalk. It's a sidewalk, not a sidestand.

7. Ok, there's a $50 bill lying on the ground. You pick it up. Dumbfounded by your incredible luck, what do you selfishly purchase?
Knowing me, I call up Mr. ModFab and say, "Woo hoo! I found fifty damn dollars! Where you wanna go eat tonight?" And then we blow it all, plus extra for the booze.

8. Do you have a recurring nightmare? If so, explain.
No recurring nightmares, but I had a scary one a few months back. I was given the job of strangling friends of mine to death, and I had no way out of doing it. I woke up crying and in shock, unable to sleep. I don't even want to BEGIN to have my therapist take that one apart.

9. Name one place on Earth you've never been, but vow to visit at least once.
Italy. I need two weeks, I think. I have to see Rome, Siena, Florence, Milan, Naples, and Tuscany...and then I have to go stay on the Italian coast, like the ladies in Enchanted April. I also have to go to Australia soon; I have blogfriends in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne now, and all of them have said I can come visit.

10. You notice that question #9 wasn't really a question. You feel smart for catching such a small detail. What else can you do really well that reminds you how smart you are?
I'm actually a very good speller...was fifth grade state spelling champ, in fact. I misspell things all the time on this blog, but that's mostly due to my terrible typing skills.

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Blogger Marius said...

You got me, ModFab! I'll answer these questions soon. Stay fabulous! :)

12/10/07, 9:00 AM  
Blogger T$ said...

I did it and did it and did it well: The Ten Little Tings Meme


12/10/07, 9:19 PM  
Anonymous Robbie @ http://toonsntunes.wordpress.com said...

work got real boring this week... so I think i'm gonna snag this in between planning for spring semester.

Hope yer doing better!

12/11/07, 11:30 AM  

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