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Saturday, December 01, 2007


Sweeney Watch: The First Critics Weigh In

The Good News: At GreenCine, a piqued David Ehrenstein raves about our favorite demon barber. "It's utterly magnificent...A perfect melding of the sensibilities of Sondheim and Tim Burton in ways I couldn't quite imagine working until I saw the finished film."

Now, The Bad News: Ehrenstein is batshit crazy, as anyone who used to hang out at the now-defunct Cinemarati knows.

Now, The Better News: Tom O'Neil and David Carr love it, too. I am momentarily heartened.

And now, The Worse News: David Poland basically masturbates on the movie. I never agree with David.

And finally, The Okay News: Kris Tapley thinks the movie isn't all that. I never agree with Kris.

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Blogger J.D. said...

I think you need some Xanax, dude...

12/1/07, 1:50 AM  
Blogger DBK said...

Ah, well, so now we know...something...about that...or not...depending on what it depends on...or something.

Thanks for clearing that up.

12/3/07, 9:17 AM  

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