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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


ModFabulous: The Best Television of 2007

Welcome to ModFabulous, our year-end countdown of the best cultural moments of 2007. This year, we'll not only be offering our personal opinion, but those of "The Jury" -- a set of talented bloggers who we asked to name the best in their chosen field of expertise. We begin with the year's best in TV. The 2007 Modfabulous Television Jury was:

Vance, Tapeworthy | Keith, In Which Our Hero
Joe, Low Resolution | Ed, EdandTony
Adrian, Queer Verve | Me, Your Humble Servant


1. Pushing Daisies (ABC)
It's the most dazzling high-wire act on TV, with every actor, writer, and stagehand working on exactly the same wavelength. Every week I find myself thinking that they can't possibly pull it off again, and every week -- miraculously -- they do. (In Which Our Hero)

2. Mad Men (AMC)
The men got most of the attention (and they were fine indeed), but Christina Hendricks, January Jones, and Elisabeth Moss gave us three spectacular portraits of womanhood in 1960. Any of the three could get a belly laugh and break your heart in the same episode, sometimes in the same scene. (Queer Verve)

3. Friday Night Lights (NBC)
Like peeking into a real slice of America and watching the tiny dramas that unfold for the people of a small town, who hinge their hopes and dreams off the successes and failures of their high school football team. It's more real than reality TV. (Tapeworthy)

4. 30 Rock (NBC)
The smartest, funniest, most consistently great comedy since...well, The Office. Interestingly enough, Tina Fey's little showbiz parody has become an equally sharp comment on corporate culture as its Thursday night companion, even if Jack Donaghy's brand of corporate culture includes more dinners with deformed Hapsburg princes. (Low Resolution)

5. Battlestar Galactica (Sci-Fi)
On Earth or in outer space, there's no better drama on television. The struggle against fearsome, brutal and mysterious religious fanatics -- in this case, robotic Cylons -- has always had an obvious connection to the modern terrorist concern. What's amazing is how Battlestar makes us see our world in new ways -- why the restriction of liberty might be so tempting, and how religion works to control leaders on both sides of a divide. As the series approaches its final episodes in 2008, the convergance of spiritual, military, economic, political, and social forces is coming together like a perfect storm...and with the most underrated cast on television, it should be a magnificent journey's end. (ModFab)

6. Weeds (Showtime)
Of course. Pure delight. A superb ensemble. And Justin Kirk. Meow. (EdandTony)

7. Lost (ABC)
At its simplest form, it's an amazing character drama that slowly peels away at the layers of human relationships and the human soul. Add the whole mystery and shocking twist in the season finale for bonus points. (Tapeworthy)

8. Brothers and Sisters (ABC)
How can this soapiest of soap operas, this family-sized Falcon Crest with the grandeur, continue to be so compelling week after week after week? One clue: the writing. Under the guidance of producer (and playwright) Job Robin Baitz, the storylines allow the characters to travel in unusual ways...while still giving Sally Field and company enough latitude to create truly special moments. (ModFab)

9. The Office (NBC)
Still one of the most consistent and best written comedies on television. The show is filled with outrageous characters that never become over bearing; smart, funny storylines, and a great ensemble. This will be one of those shows I can watch again and again and never get bored. (EdandTony)

10. John from Cincinnati (HBO)
I can't hold it against anyone who didn't get, didn't like, or felt jerked around by David Milch's latest adventure in flowery dialogue and metaphysics, and I'd have traded it all for another season of Deadwood, too. But this weirdo summer offering wherein Jesus comes to a small California surfing community and repeats our words back to us as prophecy was inexplicably delightful. (Low Resolution)

The Next Five: Ugly Betty, Project Runway, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, How I Met Your Mother and Dexter

Glenn Close, Damages
Ginnifer Goodwin, Big Love
Michael C. Hall, Dexter
Mary-Louise Parker, Weeds
The ensemble of Brothers and Sisters

AND NOW...ModFab's own

Honorable Mentions To (In Order of Preference): The Amazing Race, Jericho (#5 in '06), Project Runway (#2 in '06), It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Heroes (#7 in '06), Design Star (#9 in '06), Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, Family Guy, Survivor, Everybody Hates Chris, Real Time with Bill Maher, Rome, Five Days, Flight of the Conchords, Ugly Betty, Top Chef, Entourage (#10 in '06), So You Think You Can Dance, Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, The Colbert Report, The Sopranos, Desperate Housewives

10. Damages (F/X)
A show of amazing depth and complexity, it was a thing of beauty to watch it all come together at the end.

9. Planet Earth (Discovery)
Jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring cinematography of our homeworld, in all of its glorious diversity.

8. The Office (NBC, #4 in '06)
Still the most original comedy around, with a cast that somehow gets better every season.

7. The Riches (F/X)
The anti-family drama, where dysfunction becomes a way to survive until tomorrow. Genius.

6. Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry (HBO)
At its best, this showcase for artistic expression is transcendant, a half-hour moment of hope in an otherwise desolate television landscape.

5. Brothers and Sisters (ABC, #1 in '06)
Sally Field and Calista Flockhart. If you ever told me I'd love a show that they both starred on, I'd have bought your ticket to Bellevue.

4. Simon Schama's Power of Art (PBS)
Turned the drowsy details of art history into a gripping, sudsy thriller. I still can't believe Rembrandt chopped up his own painting.

3. Lost (ABC)
Is Charlie dead? You may laugh (because he drowned), but remember: people don't ever stay dead for long on this island. Don't we all really want to know?

2. Friday Night Lights (NBC, #6 in '06)
Nuance and detail are something you don't get on many broadcast shows, but Lights thrives on the stuff. I can't figure out why this show isn't a huge, huge hit.

1. Battlestar Galactica (SciFi, #3 in '06)
Were you expecting something else? If so, you don't read my blog very often.

And a few more snarky awards:

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Blogger Nick Davis said...

I don't even watch TV, and I thought these lists were fascinating. (To say nothing of the fact that I have finally gotten my act together re: Battlestar and am three or four episodes into the first season. And I am already hooked.)

12/26/07, 6:23 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

Terrific lists (though I must say that I will never understand the appeal of The Office), and it was great fun taking part. For anyone who's curious, I've posted my full lists.

12/27/07, 12:50 AM  
Blogger paul @ www.thezapping.com said...

Great list! I really should get around to watching BSG someday as i hear nothing but ace things about it. Good to see Pushing Daisies top where it was on my list, i just bloody love it. Shameless returns to Channel 4 on New Years Day and is a brilliant mix of humour, family drama and the state of decaying Britain!

12/27/07, 1:16 AM  
Blogger ZenDenizen said...

*sniff* You may be right about DWTS jumping the shark.

12/28/07, 3:02 PM  
Blogger Esther said...

Great lists! I'm a big fan of "Brothers and Sisters," "Lost," "30 Rock" and "Mad Men."

I loved "Falcon Crest," so that probably explains my "Brothers and Sisters" adulation. And I think "Mad Men" does an absolutely fantastic job of re-creating the early 1960s, before they became "the sixties." "Lost" seems to be getting a little lost in tangents, but it's still an amazing show with so many layers to its characters.

I never got into "Big Love," but I saw a few episodes this year and started to get a little interested. I loved "30 Rock" last year and I think it's gotten even better this year. The British version of "The Office" is much better than the American version, and I can't stand reality tv.

12/28/07, 11:28 PM  
Blogger K said...

There isn't really a show called "Most Smartest Model" is there? That was just thrown in for laughs, right?

12/29/07, 9:57 AM  

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